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Apex Legends Lifeline Guide: Abilities, Tips And Tricks

Apex Legends Lifeline

Lifeline is one of the main healers in Apex Legends. Having her on your team can be very useful indeed. Players in Apex Legends are delighted to have a Lifeline main at their side. In this guide, we are going to go over Lifeline, her abilities and some tips and tricks for player her.

Apex Legends Lifeline

Lifeline’s abilities are centered around healing and equipment. These can be used to not only help your teammates but yourself too. The following is what you need to know about this Legend.


Her passive ability is Combat Medic. This allows her to revive knocked down enemies faster while being protected by a shield wall. She can also use healing items 25% faster. Low profile increases incoming damage by 5%.

Her tactical ability is D.O.C Heal Drone. This heals nearby players automatically over time. The duration is 20 seconds and the drone heals 5 HP per second. The cooldown for this ability is 60 seconds.

Her ultimate ability is Care Package. This calls down a drop pod that contains high-quality attachments, consumables and gear. This is one of the most useful ultimate abilities in the game and that is why it has a very high charge time. Players need to wait  6 minutes in order to use it.


  • The healing time reduction that Lifeline gets from her passive ability stacks with the Gold Backpack effect.
  • With Lifeline on your team, Lifeline should be the one reviving other players as she takes less time.
  • Lifeline’s shield wall is very easy to spot even from a distance. Avoid using it when enemies are nearby.
  • You cannot rotate the shield wall while reviving. Make sure you are looking in the right direction before starting reviving.
  • Lifeline can heal faster than other Legends.
  • Lifeline’s Drone can absorb shots and can be used as cover. It will get damaged and be destroyed easily.
  • You can place Gibraltar’s dome shield on the drone. This allows you to move the shield around.
  • You can use the drone to fight outside the ring.
  • The drone will heal enemies if they are close enough.
  • The Care Package can attract unwanted attention. So be careful regarding where and when you call it.
  • In the Care Package, one item will be a healing item, another will be a weapon attachment and the third will be a piece of gear.
  • The Care Package has a high chance of getting you the Epic Helmet or Body Shield.
  • You can be crushed under the Care Package when it drops. So beware.
  • You can climb on the Care Package. Clever placement of the package will allow you to reach hard to access parts of the map.
  • Care Packages can be used as cover as well.


If there is a Lifeline on your team then all the Ultimate Accelerants should go to her. Her ultimate is very important and you want it as soon as possible. It takes very long to charge so help accelerate the charging time.

While you can easily play Lifeline solo, your job is to heal other players. So check on them from time to time to see if they need any help.

Lifeline heals very quickly. You should take advantage of that. You do not need to duck behind cover as long as other Legends.

Do not be greedy when it comes to the Care Package loot. Just because you called the Care Package does not mean that you should get everything that is inside.

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