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Battlefield V News

Battlefield V Release Date Changed from October To November

Feel free to check your calendars and update the Battlefield 5 release date. By update, we mean, erase the old date (October 19); and mark the new BF5 release day, which is November 20, 2018. This change was just announced by Oskar Gabrielson of DICE in an official blog spot. You can read the full announcement here. According to Oskar Gab...[Read More]

Following the Closed Alpha A Battlefield 5 Open Beta Will Take Place This September

After the success of Battlefield 5’s closed alpha announced by EA DICE in June, those who didn’t get the chance to try the latest Battlefield video game wanted to know when the Battlefield V beta will take place. EA DICE just revealed in a blog post that the open beta for Battlefield 5 is set for September; two months before the release o...[Read More]

The Best of E3 2018 Game Critics Awards Winners Are Here

A couple of days ago we have announced the nominees for the Best of E3 2018 Game Critics Awards; and as we have mentioned, the winners will be announced on July 2. Well, that day has finally come and it’s time to see the titles that won the crowds at E3 this year. If you missed the list of nominees you can see it here, because below we wi...[Read More]

These Are the Nominees for Best of E3 2018 Game Critics Awards

There is no better way to end E3 than to announce the nominees for the Games Critics Awards; which represent special distinctions for the video games showcased at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Every year the nominees for the Best of E3 Game Critics Awards are selected by major publications working in the entertainment field. This yea...[Read More]

If You Are One of The Lucky Few Who Got Selected You Can Now Play Battlefield V

Battlefield 5 closed alpha is now available for those who got selected by DICE, and even if you are not one of them; there are plenty of reasons to get excited. As it was announced by EA and Dice, the BFV alpha is an event which grants access to the game only to a “small group of Battlefield players”. It is also an invite-only experience,...[Read More]