Tribes of Midgard Fast Travel Guide: How To Fast Travel

Tribes of Midgard Fast Travel

Tribes of Midgard is the latest action RPG game. The game revolves around your survivability and capability to defend your village at all costs. You will have to explore new areas in the daytime, so you level up and get better gear and more. However, you might be far away from your village at some point and can not go back to it right away. The in-game day and night time moves faster. You will have nighttime faster on your hands than you can imagine. At night time you have to protect your village. Fast Travel allows you to go back to your village fast to protect it. This Tribes of Midgard guide will include all the details on how to Fast Travel. 

How to fast travel in Tribes of Midgard

There are only two ways of Fast Travelling in the game. The first and the less reliable way is by using the travel stone. This stone is available in your inventory all the time while you are playing. Your death will drop it either. This stone allows you to fast travel back to your village from any place in the game. However, the catch is that it has a cooldown. The cooldown is of an entire in-game day. 

Tribes of Midgard Fast Travel

The second way is by using Fast Travel Shrines. You can find these in every territory in the game. Whenever you interact with a shrine, you connect it with the main one in your village. This will allow you to use any shrine and go back to your village to protect it at night time. This method is preferably the better option. If you manage to unlock all of the shrines, you will unlock the Hunter class. 

This is how you can fast travel in Tribes of Midgard. To learn more you can check out our guide on how starter kits work.