Tribes of Midgard Bifrost Guide: How To Use

Tribes of Midgard Bifrost Guide: How To Use

In the action RPG survival, you will come across greyed-out structures. You can use your resources to build these structures if you want to. You will also come across a crystal structure with which you can not interact. At first, you will be confused as to what this is. The statue only has one purpose, and that is to return you to Valhalla. This Tribes of Midgard guide will include all the details on how to use the Bifrost. 

How to use the Bifrost in Tribes of Midgard

The crystal structure is the Bifrost. If you want to interact with the structure, you will have to wait till you take out the Jötunn trying to destroy the Seed of Yggdrasil. The Jötunn will appear near your village between the third and the fifth day. After you successfully defeat the Jötunn, the Bifrost will activate. You can now interact with it and return to Valhalla. 

Going to Valhalla means the end of the game. You will see how many Jötunn you defeated and how many days you survived in the world. Your score will go into your account, and you will progress in the track reward. We would recommend that you take your time playing the game and complete the world. Explore the world, clear camps, and interact with many of the side activities the game has to offer. After that, you can finish your game by interacting with the Bifrost. 

This is how you can use Bifrost in Tribes of Midgard. To learn more about the game check out our guide on how to get cut stones. You can also check out our guide on how you can heal and restore your health.