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Tom Clancy’s The Division 2: Garage Stash Secret Side Mission Walkthrough

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Garage Stash is one of the five Secret Side Missions featured in the video game published by Ubisoft for PS4Xbox One, and PC.

Garage Stash is required if you wish to achieve 100% completion of the game’s side-missions; therefore it is imperative to complete it.

What makes this Division 2 Side Mission so special, is the fact that nobody will actually tell you what to do. As you play the game, you’ll notice that Garage Stash is added to your log.

Even after you finish the game’s story, this mission will remain in your log, and unless you do some exploration, it is quite difficult to figure out how to complete it.

That’s because this mission requires you to speak to a specific NPC which is unmarked on your map. To finish Garage Stash in Division 2, simply follow our guide.


“Facilitate access to the underground garage so the civilians can access their belongings.”

Garage Stash Mission Details

Quest Giver Location West End, south-east of New Venice Control Point
Unlocking Conditions  Progress through the story
Similar Missions Navy Hill Transmission, Missing Scavengers, Missing Wire Scavengers, Missing Curators

Garage Stash Hidden Mission Rewards & Objectives

For completing the Garage Stash Side Mission in Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 you’ll receive the following rewards.

Reward Details
XP The amount depends on your agent’s level
Blueprint: Force Feed .45 ACP Mag This blueprint unlocks a magazine weapon mod that increases Damage to Elites and decreases Optimal Range


To receive them, however; you’ll need to complete 5 objectives.

  • Secure the parking lot
  • Find a way inside the garage
  • Open the garage door
  • Locate the power supply
  • Open the garage door

Division 2 Garage Stash Side Mission Guide

Once the mission is activated in your quest log, you’ll have to find an NPC named Stephen Shore.

His exact location can be observed on the map below.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Garage Stash Hidden Mission Guide

As you can see he is found in West End area, and even though you may encounter him while looking for the West End SHD Tech Caches, or other Division 2 Collectibles; there are chances to miss this quest giver.

Therefore; assuming you didn’t talk to him while exploring West End, simply head to the spot marked on our map, and look for a white house with a statue next to the front door.

Head to the basement and look for Stephen Shore (pictured below).

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Stephen Shore Location

Once you talk to him, you’ll be sent to recover some belongings from an underground garage.

At this point, things get quite clear as the mission will be highlighted on your map.

From your current position, head south to find a building east of Sleeping Giant Control Point.

Clear all enemies in the back alley, then open the metal doors. Get to the basement and access the underground garage through the doors on the right side.

Again, secure the area, then look for some stairs to access the lowest level of the garage.

In the next area, climb the fence behind some blue pipes, and drop through the trapdoor.

Now continue to push forward and in the next room get rid of all enemies, then use the laptop to access the power lines.

After you kill the Elite boss that spawns, follow the marker that will lead you to an upper section of the garage. In front of the large metal gate, look for a button on the concrete pillar (see below). Push it and the mission ends.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Garage Stash Location

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