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Days Gone

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Days Gone: I Remember Storyline Walkthrough

Days Gone I Remember Storyline

Days Gone I Remember is one of the first storylines you unlock when you start the video game developed by SIE Bend Studio exclusively for PlayStation 4.

I Remember is a storyline focused on Deacon’s past, and on his relationship with his former wife, Sarah.

As with most Days Gone Storylines, in order to complete I Remember, you’ll have to finish every mission included in this set.

Once finished, you’ll be able to unlock a Custom Skin.

I Remember Storyline Description

Goal: “Dealing with my past.”

Unlocking Conditions

The storyline is unlocked when you start the mission named Bad Way to Go Out.

During this mission, Deacon and Boozer have a talk about Sarah.

I Remember can’t be missed and it’s unlocked automatically.

I Remember Storyline Mission List

To finish I Remember storyline, all missions listed below must be completed.

Refer to their walkthroughs for additional details.

Mission Name Region Also Part Of
Bad Way to Go Out Cascade Gear Up for The Ride Storyline
What Did You Do? Belknap
What’s a Nice Girl
I’ve Pulled Weeds Before Belknap
It’s on a Mission Lost Lake
Moments of Lucidity Lost Lake
No Beginning and No End Belknap
Why Am I Here?
Not from Around Here Crater Lake
They’re Not Sleeping Cascade
Searching for Something Belknap
Making Contact Cascade
I Need Your Help Lost Lake
On Herod’s Birthday Lost Lake
You Could Have Done More Lost Lake
I Was Distracted
Mayday! Mayday! Crater Lake
We’re Fighting A War Crater Lake


Upon completion, you’ll receive the following rewards.

Reward(s) Requirement Used For
I Remember Custom Accent Skin 100% Storyline Completion Bike customization at Camp Mechanics


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