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God of War

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God of War NG+ Further Improves One Of The Best PlayStation 4 Games

Are you ready boy?

God of War New Game Plus PS4

SIE’s God of War New Game+ Mode is finally out today giving all players some really good reasons to jump back into action and replay Kratos’ latest adventure.

The God of War NG+ Mode comes as a free update for all those who have purchased the game, and wish to test their skills after completing the story at least once.

Assuming you did not purchase the latest God of War video game, you can secure a copy for $44.99 on Amazon.

If you already finished the game, here is why you should try the free God of War NG Plus Mode. Keep in mind that all these features become available only after you download and install the latest God of War update.

  • In God of War NG+, you get to keep all the equipment and all the abilities you have previously unlocked. This means that you can start a new game and already have some powerful weapons, armors, talismans, enchantments, and skills ready to be used.
  • God of War New Game Plus mode features a new resource. You can collect it and use it to craft Perfect Rarity-Level gear. This resource is Skap Slag.
  • NG+ doesn’t necessarily mean a harder difficulty level. As such, once you pick the NG+, you can select a difficulty level that suits your skills. All New Game + features will automatically apply and enemies will adapt accordingly.
  • God of War New Game + also includes a large number of new items for Kratos and Atreus according to a recent post on PlayStation.Blog. An example is a chest piece Kratos can wear which helps him in combat by creating massive explosions.
  • The behavior of some enemies has been altered in NG+, and they have new attack patterns.
  • Speaking of enemies, in NG+ they can turn elite; increasing the game’s difficulty even if you decide to play on Give Me a Challenge+.
  • Running is no longer an option in Realm Tears. Once you open a rift you won’t be able to run from your enemies.
  • The NG+ allows you to create enhancements by converting talismans and armor sets; which don’t exist in Standard Mode.
  • A new God of War shield skin is also available. It is unlocked the moment you start a New Game Plus. The second one is obtainable by finishing the game on Give Me God of War+ difficulty.
  • The NG+ Mode is repeatable. You can enjoy it as much as you want and start a new God of War New Game Plus once the previous one ends.

Along with all the changes mentioned above, the NG+ comes with multiple bug fixes and improvements. Furthermore, you can now skip cinematics after you beat the game once.

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