Blizzard’s BlizzCon 2018 Game Convention Starts November 2

BlizzCon 2018 Tickets Dates Events

Earlier this week Blizzard made a series of announcements regarding two of the company’s best games (World of Warcraft and Heroes of the Storm).

After revealing the release date for the latest WoW expansion (World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth), and a new hero to be introduced in Heroes of the Storm; Blizzard also provided information on this year’s BlizzCon, for those who wish to attend the game convention.

Therefore, if you want to visit BlizzCon 2018 at Anaheim Convention Center, California, you can do it on November 2nd and November 3rd.

Obviously, you will need tickets to participate in the show; and they will be sold in three batches following a strict schedule.

BlizzCon 2018 Tickets

The first batch goes on sale on May 9th at 7 P.M PT. Tickets can be purchased online at, and most likely they will go out fast; so, make sure you book one when they become available.

If you miss the first batch, you will have another chance on May 12th at 10 A.M PT following the same link as above.

Those we can’t physically attend BlizzCon 2018, can purchase virtual tickets which grant access to live streams and various Blizzard games rewards.

The price for a BlizzCon virtual ticket, remains unknown, while for the physical ticket you will have to pay $199 USD.

Finally, the third batch of tickets will be on sale starting May 16th at 7 P.M for those who want to participate in the BlizzCon Benefit Dinner on November 1st.

One ticket costs $750 USD but all proceeds will be donated to CHOC Children’s.

The dinner takes place at the Hilton Anaheim Hotel in Anaheim, CA; and the BlizzCon Benefit Dinner ticket includes BlizzCon admission. If you want to talk to Blizzard developers, artists, and community representatives, this one is for you.

Activities and Attractions

BlizzCon 2018 gives visitors the chance to attend various events and attractions. Some of them are listed below, but more will be revealed in the future on

  • Hands-on play time with the latest versions of Blizzard Entertainment games
  • Blizzard eSports competition featuring top pro gamers from around the world
  • In-depth discussion panels with Blizzard game developers and artists
  • Community contests with great prizes
  • Commemorative merchandise based on Blizzard Entertainment’s game universes

BlizzCon Tournaments

Prior the game convention, Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles will host a series of events that will conclude at BlizzCon. These events and the full schedule can be seen below:

  • Heroes of the Storm Global Championship: October 25-28
  • StarCraft II World Championship Series: October 26-28
  • World of Warcraft Arena Global Championship: October 29
  • Overwatch World Cup: November 2-3
  • Hearthstone Global Games: November 2-3
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