Warframe Adramal Alloy: Complete Guide

Warframe Adramal Alloy: Complete Guide

There is no shortage of crafting materials and Alloys when it comes to Warframe. The game is always giving you some incentive to farm up a storm, While the process itself can be rigorous for most, it can yield amazing and cool gear, including the prized Adramal Alloy. 

This alloy is generally crafted from Adramalium and can be used in a variety of builds as its core ingredient. Since it is not a raw ingredient, you generally have to look and browse for ways to locate its components in order to create batches of the Adramal Alloy. 

Having said that, the materials creating this alloy aren’t that easy to find either. Therefore, it’s generally considered the in-game trauma-inducing material due to its uses for the Deimos items. Since most of the mining is RNG based, you’d be having a tough time trying to go at it without a plan.

What Is The Adramal Alloy?

Adramal Alloy

Source: Warframe Wiki

The Adramal Alloy –  as mentioned, is a crafting material that is generally used in the construction of trophies and certain weapon components. It is directly linked with the Deimos items and can become pretty hard to farm unless you have a dedicated strategy to go at it. 

Warframe is a pretty farm-intensive game, so whenever you think that it’s the end of it, get ready for more farming-based content to be released soon. Luckily, this material is not that hard to create once you get the hang of everything, so let’s get started. 

How to Create Adramal Alloy?

The Adramal Alloy is created by combining a variety of different kinds of materials together. While sourcing some of them is pretty easy, others more than makeup for it. Having said that, here’s what you need in order to create the Adramal Alloy in Warframe:

  1. Credits x 1000
  2. Adramalium x 20
  3. Travoride x 20
  4. Plastids x 600
  5. Lucent Teroglobe x 20

Before collecting the mentioned materials, you will need to source the Adramal Alloy Blueprint from the Otak. However, you need to be Rank 0 –  Neutral with the Entrati in order to unlock it. The blueprint itself costs 1000 standings and is yours to keep once the purchase has been completed. 

Where To Find Otak?


Source: Warframe

Otak is a vendor that’s generally located in the Necralisk. Once you head to Deimos, it will be one of the early locations you get to encounter along the way. Otak once belonged to the Cephalon race. However, Deimos’ energies contaminated him and thus, reduced him to a Necraloid. 

His current name is Loid, and he can be found on the easternmost side of Necralisk. You can locate his shop near the Landing Craft for Tennos. 

How To Earn Entrati Standing?

There’s no point in finding Otak if you can’t earn the standing necessary to trade the blueprint. Since Entrati is the main syndicate on Deimos, you will be interacting quite often with them with everything related to trading. 

Having said that, the Entrati standings will be dependent on the number of tokens you manage to obtain. While there are multiple ways of earning tokens, you should always focus more on your efficiency. 

For example, you can earn around 1500 standings from the Grandmother Token, but it can be just as hard. Instead, you might be able to get 15 mother tokens much faster – depending on the ease and difficulty of quests. 

With that out of the way, here is the general standing chart:

Tokens Standings
Grandmother Token 1500
Son Token 500
Daughter Token 100
Otak Token 100
Father Token 100
Mother Token 100


Luckily, the rank zero can be unlocked as soon as you initiate quests with the Entrati. Therefore, going up is solely up to you since there’s no added benefit.

How To Obtain Adramalium?


Source: Warframe Wiki

Adramalium is the main component of Adramal Alloy and can be obtained from the Cambion Drift. Luckily, this one does not require you to go fishing. Rather, it’s more reliant on the mining mechanic present in Warframe. 

The Adramalium Ore can be obtained from mining the yellow mineral veins in the Cambion Drift. Consequently, you can also try moving to the Obelisks in the Cambion Drift to find Spitia Infested Cysts in the uncommon containers for the Adramalium Ore. 

Similar To the Spitia, you can also try looking for the Rolizor Infested Cysts in the Cambion Drift. Since the Rolizor Infested Cysts are generally easier to find than the Spitia Infested Cysts due to their uncommon rarity, you’d have a better time trying your RNG luck in there. 

But since there are a bunch of other items that can be obtained from such Cysts, you will need to prepare yourself for a long guessing game. 

How To Mine In Warframe?

The mining mechanic in Warframe is similar to most games and only required you to hold the button while your character does the rest for you. Since it is a non-combat ability, you won’t need to worry about nearby neutrals engaging you in battle.

Most mining gear in Warframe features special mechanics that enable you to farm efficiently. For example, you can use the Sunpoint Plasma Drill to bring up the rangefinder for the minerals. 

The mining process includes heating the mineral/herb to a certain temperature in order to excavate it. You simply need to aim at the material and shoot your mining beam in order to collect it. 

Mining Hotspot For Adramalium

Since the general process of mining the Adramalium is the same as every other ore, you will be able to pick the ores up rather smoothly as long as you use the Advance Nosam Cutter. Simply head towards the Catabolit Gutter and start locating the ores. 

You can simply spray the cutter to all the yellow ores in order to mine them in bulk without having to use your general lazer. 

How To Obtain Travoride?


Source: Warframe Wiki

The Travoride is similar in nature to the Adramalium and can be obtained with the help of the mining mechanic in Warframe. You simply need to head to Venus and mine the red mineral veins in Orb Vallis. While they’re hard to encounter, you’d still be able to find enough for the Adramal Alloy.

The atmosphere of Venus is rather harsh. Therefore, it’s recommended you pack much more than simple mining gear while heading there. If you’re having trouble obtaining it through mining then you can also try your luck at the containers in Orb Vallis. 

Since the latter always yields a lower amount of Travoride, it’s generally not recommended. As mentioned, the area is rather perilous, so ensure your safety by bringing stealth-based Warframes like Loki. Consequently, you should also wait for Smeeta Buff inside the cave close to the Transit Depot.

Mining Hotspots For Travoride

The Deck 12 cave is generally the best spot for farming Travoride since it’s really hard to exhaust the veins there. And even if you do, they can simply reset once you leave and re-enter the cave. While not every vein is like that, it’s safe to assume you won’t be running out of farm anytime soon. 

Take a booster or a Smeeta Buff with you in order to maximize your farming potential. Since Tracoride is only really available in Orb Vallis, you won’t have many hotspot locations aside from Deck 12, so claim it as soon as possible. 

How To Obtain Plastids?

Source: Warframe Wiki

Plastids are much more multipurpose when it comes to crafting ingredients. They’re readily available in a multitude of locations and can be farmed throughout the game. Luckily, they’re generally found in hefty quantities as well. 

Therefore, you’ll be able to breeze through this farming stage as long as you collect the correct variant. Having said that, the Plastids are generally found in the following regions:

  • Saturn
  • Uranus
  • Phobos
  • Pluto
  • Eris

Since you will be needing around 30 Plastids per Adramal Alloy, it’s better to get to work quickly since this much of a quantity bump can make a significant difference in the obtainability. The base rarity of the Plastids is Uncommon and you don’t need any mining skills to obtain them. 

Best Plastids Farming Spots

The best planet to farm Plastids on is Pluto due to being one of the final planets in the star charts. Since you gain more in the later stages, it’s recommended that you try to reach Palus as soon as possible. 

Consequently, you can also head to Akkad (Eris) in order to experience a similar bump in Plastid numbers. Since the area features relatively low-leveled enemies, you will have a good time swiping the floor while collecting as many Plastids as needed. 

Lastly, you can also try the Ophelia Mission on Uranus. It’s a relatively low leveled mission with plentiful rewards and Plastids yields. If you have a higher-level player by your side then challenging harder missions is also an option.

How To Obtain Lucent Teroglobe?

Lucent Teroglobe

Source: Warframe Wiki

The Lucent Teroglobe is the final resource needed to craft the Adramal Alloy. It is generally only found in the Cambion Drift and has very specific use cases aside from being used as a material for Adramal Alloy. 

The Lucent Teroglobe is generally given out as a reward for completing mission bounties. Consequently, you can also try your lock in the Citrific Outcrops within the Cambion Drift. While the latter seems to yield more, the bounties are also not a bad option.

The Vitrific Outcrops generally spawn at the Old Orokin Ruins located on Demios. You can head these and break the containers with a Xaku to loot all the Lucent Teroglobe inside without having to spend much effort. 

Once you have obtained all the materials, all that’s left is to combine everything to create the Adramal Alloy. Since each mix yields 20 Alloys, you’d essentially have to repeat the process 31 times in order to unlock everything related to the Alloy in the game. 

What Are The Uses Of Adramal Alloy?

The Adramal Alloy is generally used everywhere between Grips and Engines. Since the Alloy is rathe farm heavy, it’s better to only use it where it’s truly needed. Having said that, the Adramal Alloy is used in the following recipes:

  • Bonewidow Engine: A heavily armored Necramech that is well known for its tower shield and heavy engage purposed sword. 
  • Cortege Battel: An Entrati-created Arch-gum that works by building charges on kills. 
  • Cryptosuctus Trophy: A decoration piece of the Cryptosuctus. Can be used as a decoration for your base. 
  • Feverspine Board: A K-Drive Board component that is plainly for aesthetics. 
  • Helminth Segment: A component used to expand Helminth Infirmary’s functions. 
  • Keratinos Blades: Infested claw-based weapons that are generally used for heavy attacks.
  • Kymaeros Trophy: A trophy for commemorating Kymaeros. 
  • Morgha Barrel: The barrel for an Orokin Era weapon created by none other than the Entrati.
  • Palmaris Grip: A Kitgun grip that’s used to increase fire rate. You will be losing a bit of damage as a cost.
  • Sporelacer Chamber:  A Kitgun chamber component that is primarily used to fire off toxin shots. 
  • Trumna Barrel: Yet another Orokin-Era weapon crafter by the Entrati. It generally builds charges on kills and allows the wielder to use Alternate Fire. 
  • Voidrid Casing: A Necramech that is designed to be of assistance in the frontline. It can be used both offensively and defensively. 
  • Zymos Receiver: Infested Reciever of a weapon that’s meant to release explosive spores at the targeted enemy. While the damage is decent it’s generally only used as a secondary weapon.

The Adramal Alloy used in crafting all of these can number up to 605 units. While you probably won’t be needing any decorations, it’s better to calculate them while farming. This is mainly because it’s better to have a lot of something than to have a shortage of it. 


All in all, farming in Warframe can be tough – even frustrating, but it’s not impossible as long as you use every tool at your disposal. While the Adramal Alloy is generally considered as a nightmare to farm, you will mostly be good to go as long as you target the correct hotspots. 

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