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The Division 2 Perks Guide: Best Perks To Unlock First

Division 2 Perks

The Division 2 has plenty of perks that help you make the most out of your weapons and gear. In this guide, we are going to walk you through the best perks that should get first in The Division 2.

Which Perks You Should Unlock First In Division 2?

As you go through the tutorial, the game is going to force you to get the first major perk, the weapon slot upgrade. This will allow you to equip another primary weapon and a secondary weapon. After that, you are free to pick the perks that you want to use. But which ones should you pick first?

Restocking levels one and two are very useful. This perk allows you to refill your armor kits and grenades when you enter a safe settlement or the white house. This is useful if you fast travel from place to place. This will ensure that you are fully stocked on armor and grenades when engaging enemies.

Division 2 Perks

Get these first levels of the Armor Kit and Grenades perk. You can get higher levels if you want as well. This allows you to carry more armor kits and grenades. After this, you should opt to get the Accolades perks. These get you additional XP and will help you get to max level fast. The following is the breakdown of these perks:

  • Level 1: XP bonuses for headshots
  • Level 2: XP bonuses for multi-kills
  • Level 3: XP bonuses for kills by triggering enemy weak points
  • Level 4: XP bonuses for kills with environmental objects
  • Level 5: XP bonuses not dying (surviving) for long stretches of time

Once you have unlocked these perks you should unlock the perks that effect weapon mods. These include Magazine, Muzzle, Optics, and Grip perks.

  • The Magazine perk affects the amount of ammo you can have per matching gun type.
  • The Muzzle perk adds attachments that suppress the sound of your guns.
  • The Optics perk gives you several options to assist your aiming.
  • The Grip perk unlocks several attachments which aid in gun stability.

These are the perks that you should get first in The Division 2. After this, you can mix things up and get the perks that best suit the build that you are going for and your playstyle.

If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on the best skills to unlock first.

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