Scarlet Nexus SAS Powers Guide: How To Use And Increase Power

Scarlet Nexus SAS Powers

Scarlet Nexus consists of multiple powers that you can make use of. However, many people do not know how to use these powers, especially the SAS powers. Therefore, the Struggle Arms System (SAS) powers are important abilities you can use from your other characters. As the game progresses, these powers will increase in levels and become stronger, allowing you to take on tougher foes. This Scarlet Nexus guide will include all the details on how to use SAS powers and increase their power.

How to Use SAS Powers in Scarlet Nexus

Using SAS powers is quite simple. Press Right Bumper on your controller and select the character and their power you want to use. It will also indicate the usage and cooldown of the power. If you have the specific skill unlocked in the skill tree, you can use multiple SAS Powers at once. If you want to deactivate the power, you need to press Right Bumper and Right Joystick or R3 to deactivate all your currently active Powers. 

Increasing SAS Powers

You can easily increase SAS powers by increasing your bond with your teammates. Whichever character’s bond you increase, so will the SAS power affiliated with that character. You can increase their bond by replying to their Brain Messages as soon as you get them. You also need to use their abilities in combat as much as possible so that their bond increases.

Gifting is also another option made available to you. You can gift your teammates a suitable gift that will increase your bond. You can get these gifts by exchanging items at Satori’s shop, finding them in random areas of the map, or completing side quests. Once your bond increases to the next level, you can do Bond Episodes to increase their bond more. As their bond keeps on increasing, so will your SAS powers. 

This is how you can use SAS Powers in Scarlet Nexus. To learn more check out our guide on how you can redeem the demo rewards.

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