Scarlet Nexus Gifts Guide: How To Give Gifts

Scarlet Nexus Gifts

The game has a gifting system that allows you to gift something to your teammates that they will like. Apart from the combat in the game, you will also spend time with your teammates. This is a great time to bond with your teammates so that you can increase your SAS powers and learn more about them. As your bond increases with your teammates, you will start to get Bond Episodes and cutscenes. This Scarlet Nexus guide will include all details on how to give gifts. 

How to Give Gifts in Scarlet Nexus

You can not gift anything before Phase 2 of the game. After Phase 2 starts, you can go to the Hideout and give gifts to your party members. There are a few ways of getting the gifts you need for your party members. The first is to go to Satori’s shop and exchange items you have for gifts. You can also see whether a gift is acceptable for the team member or not. If their face on the gift has a heart next to it, then that means they will like the gift. You can not give the wrong gift to any party member, so no need to worry. If you see a checkmark next to the face, then this means that they have already received this gift.

Scarlet Nexus Gifts

The other way does not require you to give anything. You can get gifts by exploring the vast areas of the game. Gifts are scattered throughout many areas. They are not hard to find and appear as green floating orbs. You can collect them going through these objects. The more you give gifts to your party members, the more your bond will increase. 

This is how you can give gifts in Scarlet Nexus. If you are interested in learning more then check out our guide on the best brain map upgrades that you should get.

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