Resident Evil Village Wooden Animal Head Guide: How To Get

Resident Evil Village Wooden Animal Head

Resident Evil has a lot of combinable treasures in the game. Acquiring them is no easy task as most parts will be away from one another. One of these combinable treasures is Wooden Animal Head. This Resident Evil Village guide will include all the details on how to get the Wooden Animal Head treasure.

How To Get The Wooden Animal Head In Resident Evil Village

First, you need to acquire the Wooden Animal Body. Once you find it go along the path outside until you reach a house with a ladder on one side of it. You need to acquire the Well Wheel from here, which can be found in the lower level of the house. Next, you need to get to the well which is located to the east of the Maiden of War statue. 

Make your way out of this area of the village and go east. Use the Well Wheel on the well and take out the bucket. The Wooden Animal Head can be found inside of the bucket. Grab it and combine it with Wooden Animal Body. You can sell this treasure for a lot of Lei to Duke Merchant. 


Resident Evil Village Wooden Animal Head

This is how you can get the wooden animal head in Resident Evil Village. To learn more check out our guide on how to get the Azure Eye. You can also check out our guide on how you can unlock Mercenaries Mode.

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