Resident Evil Village Urias Boss Guide: How To Beat

Resident Evil Village Urias

Resident Evil games have challenging bosses that you need to beat in order to progress the game. Urias is one of the main story bosses in Resident Evil Village. You will come across this hammer-wielding werewolf a couple of times before facing him in a proper boss fight. The boss fight can be challenging and frustrating. This Resident Evil Village guide will include all the details on how to beat the Urias boss.

How To Beat Urias In Resident Evil Village

Urias does a lot of damage with his hammer, and its range can somewhat be bothersome. The weapons we recommending using Wolfsbane for its high damage output. As well as the sniper rifle as you can use it at long range. Mines and pipebombs can very effective in this boss fight.

You can plant mines in different spots and lure the boss into them. There will be many instances to do good damage when Urias stands on a platform and howls or screams. Make use of the pillars to avoid hammer attacks. He throws pillars at you from time to time, so always stay on your toes. 

Resident Evil Village Urias


At some point in the fight, the boss will summon lesser wolves for help. Deal with these wolves as quickly as you can, or else they will crowd you. Use Wolfbane any time Urias moves back from you or is in the animation of throwing pillars. Once you get used to his attack pattern, you will best the beast with ease.

This is how you can beat the Urias boss in Resident Evil Village. If you are interested in learning more then you can check out our guide on how you can increase your inventory space to carry more stuff. You can also check out our guide on how you can solve the bell puzzle.

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