Resident Evil Village Mother Miranda Boss Guide: How To Beat

Resident Evil Village Mother Miranda

After defeating countless frustrating bosses that the game throws at you, you will come across Mother Miranda. She is the final boss in Resident Evil Village. Even though the fight is not the hardest out of all the boss fights, she can easily defeat you if you are not prepared. This Resident Evil Village guide will include all the details on how to defeat Mother Miranda. 

How to Defeat Mother Miranda Boss in Resident Evil Village

Mother Miranda has a few phases you will have to go through. The following is what you need to know about them:

First Phase

Keeping Mother Miranda at a distance will always be favourable for you in the entire fight. She will keep using her spinning attacks whenever she is close to you. Mother Miranda has a dash ability that lets her close in on you. She also has the Root Splooge attack, which can root you if you stay on the ground wherever it appears. She can then follow up by spraying lava onto the rooted area. 

Second Phase (Spider Form)

In her spider form, she will attack you relentlessly and being close to her can be deadly. Stay on the sides to avoid her primary attacks and fire at her whenever she stops and opens her body. After some time into the phase, she will jump onto the platform and then jump down and crush you. Your only time to attack her here is when she jumps onto the platform. After that, all you should focus on is trying to dodge her crush attack. 

Third Phase (Flying Form)

This is a small phase as she flies across the arena. She summons three balls that you can easily shoot or dodge. You can also attack her after dodging these attacks. 

Final Phase (Darkness!!)

If you have played against Mergo’ Wet Nurse in Bloodborne, you know what will happen here. At the start of the phase, the whole area will cover in darkness, and you will have to rely on sound to dodge most attacks.

Miranda will alternate between forms and will attack you endlessly. Make use of the pillars that spawn when she blows flame all over the arena. After doing a decent amount of damage, the final scene will start where Mother Miranda will pin you, and you have to shoot her. This will finish her, and you can go ahead into the story. 

This is what you need to know about beating Mother Miranda in Resident Evil Village. You can also check out our guide on how you can get the Two-Winged Unborn Key.

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