Resident Evil Village Bell Puzzle Solution Guide: How To Solve

Resident Evil Village Bell Puzzle

The bell puzzle is a mandatory story puzzle that takes place in Castle Dimitrescu. You need to shoot the bells to proceed further in the game. This Resident Evil Village guide will help you to complete the bell puzzle. 

Bell Puzzle Solution in Resident Evil 8 Village

The bells puzzle takes place in Atelier behind the Library in Castle Dimitrescu. Upon reaching the room, you will try to look for a way forward and not find any. The bells puzzle needs to be solved if you want to proceed. There are five bells, all of which need to be shot at to open a path forward.

The first bell is right in front of you when you enter the room. Look for a shelf on your right, and you can spot the second bell in front of a painting. Take the stairs on your left and look onto the spinning machine in the wall. There is an opening here from which you can see the third bell. Shoot the bell as soon as it swings into position.

The fourth bell is on top of the chandelier. Shoot the chandelier once to make it move to allow you to see the bell, and then shoot the bell. You can shoot the last bell from the same place you shot the fourth bell. Look forward outside the window, and you can see a bell outside the room.

As soon as you shoot the fifth bell, you will hear a bell chime. Go down to find the large portrait of Lady Dimitrescu opens up. This will reveal a path that allows you to go on ahead and leave the Castle. This is how you can solve the bell puzzle in Resident Evil Village. To learn more check out our guide on how you can solve the statues puzzle.

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