RAGE 2 Storage Containers Locations: Highroad Block

RAGE 2 Highroad Block is one of the Twisting Canyons locations, featured in the latest action first-person shooter videogame published by Bethesda Softworks for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Twisting Canyons Highroad Block is also one of the locations you should explore if you want to find 2 Storage Containers. Our guide below explains how to complete Highroad Block in RAGE 2.

RAGE 2 Highroad Block Location & Map

RAGE 2 Highroad Block Twisting Canyons Location MapHighroad Block can be found south-west of Junkers Pass Ark, north of Vineland Town and west of Cliff Side Outlook, as you can see on our map above.


Location Type: Road Chocker
Enemy Difficulty: 1
Items of Interest: 2 Storage Containers
XP Rewards: 80 (Loosum Hagar’s Projects)
$ Rewards: 100
Description: “Road Chokers are an effective way for bandits to leach on trade and control territory. Chocking a road is like blocking an artery in the body of the Trade Coalition. The flow of goods and people are what keeps civilization alive after all.”

To successfully unlock Highroad Block in RAGE 2, you’ll need to find both containers revealed below.

Highroad Block Hidden Storage Containers

The first RAGE 2 Hidden Storage Container at Highroad Block is on the right side while facing the main entrance.

Go around the metal structure with tires on the ground and you’ll see it on the left side, in a small room. Inside you’ll find $260.

RAGE 2 Highroad Block Hidden Storage Container Location 1

The second container is opposed to the first one.

Cross the road and you’ll see it in a room with a pink wall at the entrance. The said room is on the ground level. This container has $260 inside.

RAGE 2 Highroad Block Hidden Storage Container Location 2

How to Raise the Road Chocker

After you get both Storage Containers, go back to the right side of the location, and follow the stairs up to find the valve which raises the barrier.

Once you remove it, the location is marked as complete.

RAGE 2 Highroad Block How to Raise Road Choker