Going Medieval Food Guide: How To Cook Food

Going Medieval Food

Going Medieval is a new indie, simulation, and strategy game that is available on Microsoft Windows. Cooking food is a major activity in the game as you want your people fed all the time. New players will find acquiring food to be difficult. As you not only have to find food but also have to cook it. In this Going Medieval guide, we are going to walk you through how you can cook food in order to survive.

How to Cook Food in Going Medieval

At the start of the game, your only choice to make food is through a campfire. Later you will have the option to grow your own food. But for now, you will have to survive on the campfire. You can build a campfire by opening the Production Build menu. There will be an option to place the campfire in any area you want. However, crafting it is not free, and it will require fifteen pieces of wood. After gathering some raw food like berries or something else, you can use these on the campfire. 

Open the Products menu in the campfire and select the Meal option. Here you can find meals that you can make with the raw ingredients you have. You can also set an amount on how much you want the food to be made. If you select the “until you have” option, you can select until the food is made. If you select the “forever,” then your people will make the food till you run out of ingredients. Later on, you will also unlock a smokehouse which will allow you to make smoked meat. 

This is how you can cook food in Going Medieval.

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