Genshin Impact Realm Currency Guide: How To Farm

Genshin Impact Realm Currency

The action RPG developed by miHoYo, Genshin Impact, has recently gained a lot of popularity. The Genshin Impact community appreciates the new version updates. The latest Genshin Impact update 1.5 adds a new currency known as Realm Currency. In this Genshin Impact guide, we walk you through how you can farm Realm Currency fast.

Farming Realm Currency Fast In Genshin Impact

The following is what you need to know about Realm Currency and how you can farm it:

What Is Realm Currency

With version1.5, there are many new things you can do in the game that you could not before. The possession and customization of a property are now made available. By making the use of Serenitea Pot gadget, you can do these things.

However, this process will require you to spend Realm Currency. Realm Currency or RC is a rare currency in the game you can exchange for Hero’s Wit and Transient Resins among other things at the Realm Depot. You can also buy new realms which cost 1500 RC, but for that, you will have to increase your friendship (Trust Rank ) with Tubby.

Farming Realm Currency 

The first thing you need to do is to talk to Tubby. Choose the “Trust Rank” option and tap the button on the golden jar when you can. As a result, you will start to gather Realm Currency. The rate at which you collect the currency depends on the Realm Currency Accumulation Rate, which at the start will be 4 hours.

The first way is to improve your rank with Tubby to Rank 10 that will allow you to increase your bank maximum to 2400. The Accumulation Rate depends on your Adeptal Energy. The more you have, the more you can collect the currency. Talk to Tubby and check the Adeptal Energy screen, which will tell you a specific furnishing and where to place for energy in return. 

Following are the levels and the adept energy required and the Realm Currency they give:

Bare Bones

  • Adeptal Energy needed: 0
  • RC accumulation rate: 4 Realm Currency/Hour

Humble Adobe

  • Adeptal Energy needed: 2000
  • RC accumulation rate: 8 Realm Currency/Hour


  • Adeptal Energy needed: 3000
  • RC accumulation rate: 12 Realm Currency/Hour

Queen Size

  • Adeptal Energy needed: 4500
  • RC accumulation rate: 16 Realm Currency/Hour


  • Adeptal Energy needed: 6000
  • RC accumulation rate: 20 Realm Currency/Hour


  • Adeptal Energy needed: 8000
  • RC accumulation rate: 22 Realm Currency/Hour


  • Adeptal Energy needed: 10000
  • RC accumulation rate: 24 Realm Currency/Hour


  • Adeptal Energy needed: 12000
  • RC accumulation rate: 26 Realm Currency/Hour


  • Adeptal Energy needed: 15000
  • RC accumulation rate: 28 Realm Currency/Hour

Fit for a King

  • Adeptal Energy needed: 20000
  • RC accumulation rate: 30 Realm Currency/Hour

In order to get more adeptal energy, we recommend putting down as many items as possible. This will allow you to get more RC per hour. In the early stages, we recommend using the Vial of Adeptal Speed to instantly craft items so that you can put them on your land and increase your adeptal energy.

There is little point in saving Vial of Adeptal Speed early on. Spend it to increase your Trust Rank as well. You can buy Vials of Adeptal Speed using RC from the depot. You also get these by improving your trust rank.

Another tip is to have your friends help you out. When a friend visits your realm, the crafting progress gets a significant boost. This will allow you to make furnishings much faster. So be sure that your friends can access your realm.

This is how you can farm Realm Currency in Genshin Impact. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on how you can find different kinds of wood.