Genshin Impact Aloy’s Predator Bow Guide: How To Get

Genshin Impact Predator Bow

In the Upcoming version, 2.1 miHoYo will add the latest character Aloy into the game. She is the main protagonist of Horizon Zero Dawn. She will make her appearance in the game alongside her Bow, Predator. This Genshin Impact guide will include all the details on how to acquire Aloy’s Predator Bow. 

How to Acquire Aloy’s Predator Bow in Genshin Impact 

The bow will be available for PlayStation players in version 2.1. Whereas players playing the game on PC and mobile devices can acquire the bow in version 2.2. You will get the bow with the release of Aloy on your device. Acquiring the bow is not that hard, and it is basically free.

All you need to do is to get to Adventure Rank 20. Once you are Rank 20, you will need to log in to the game on the day of the update and collect your bow. It will be free for all players for a limited time. Diona and Ganyu will also be able to use the Predator Bow once it comes out. They will get the weapon effects but will not get the Attack bonus. 

Genshin Impact Predator Bow


The Predator Bow has 41.3% Attack and 510 Base Attack. It has an effect called “Strong Strike” which is available only for PlayStation Network players. The effect increase Normal and Charged Attack Damage by 10% if you deal Cryo Damage to enemies. This has two stacks. If you equip the bow on Aloy, then its Attack increases by 66. 

Note that while the weapon is a reward for just logging in and you can get it on PS4, PS5, PC and Mobile, if you are not playing Genshin Impact of PS4 or PS5 then the Strong Strike skill of the bow is not going to work.

This is how you can get Aloy’s Predator Bow in Genshin Impact. To learn more about the game check out our guide on how you can break Electro Barriers.

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