Far Cry: New Dawn Springs Locations

Far Cry: New Dawn

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Far Cry New Dawn Springs Stashes Locations: Toothchapel

Far Cry: New Dawn Springs Locations

Toothchapel is an abandoned church and a Looting Location from Far Cry: New Dawn, the latest title in Ubisoft’s popular video game series.

Toothchapel is also one of the locations you need to visit if you want to complete all Far Cry: New Dawn Treasures Hunts.

Usually guarded by a small number of Highwaymen, Tootchapel is a building under construction which features a small shed outside.

Inside the shed is a hidden stash you can access by finishing the Light ‘Em Up Treasure Hunt.

Once you complete the said activity in the video game, you’ll also be able to find 6 hidden Springs Stashes you can collect for additional Springs.

In the video-game, the Spring is a Crafting Material required to create Weapons at the workbench.

Toothchapel Location

Toothchapel is located north of Pyro’s Hollow, east of Knadle’s Stead and south of Dead Man’s Mill.

This location can be observed on the following map.

Far Cry: New Dawn Toothchapel

Hidden Springs Stashes Locations

To fully control this location, once you finish Light ‘Em Up locate the 6 hidden Springs Stashes revealed by the table below.

Be advised that at the end of the Treasure Hunt, the chapel’s entrance will be blocked; however, if you climb on the roof you’ll be able to find another way in, through a window blocked by planks.

Destroy the planks to get inside.

Spring Stash Location
1 On a shelf inside the shed unlocked by finishing Light ‘Em Up
3 On the chapel’s front stairs
4 In the attic, on the right side. Accessed from the roof
5 Under the previous stash, on the ground next to a large sign
6 On an upper platform, next to a mattress. Best collected before the chapel is set on fire


After you get all Springs Stashes at Toothchapel, the location is marked as completed; but you can continue to explore the area for more loot.

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