Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Levelling Guide: How To Level Up Fast

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Level

Leveling up faster is good in Dungeons & Dragons, as your characters will hit level 20 faster. This will allow them to unlock more skills and abilities. Your characters in D&D level up separately. This Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance guide will include all the details on how one can level up their characters faster. 

How to Level Up Fast in Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance

There are three ways to level up faster in Dungeon and Dragons: Dark Alliance:

Playing with Friends

The first and the easiest method to level up faster is by playing with your friends. Playing with friends gives you more XP bonus, and you can rush your way through the levels. In addition, playing together and communicating can allow you all to have one goal and complete dungeons quicker to earn more XP. 

Quicker Dungeons

Another way to level up faster is by doing dungeon quicker. You need to kill enemies in 2-3 shots and proceed towards the boss. If you are wasting any more time than that on enemies, just ignore them as they will not follow you. Rush through the dungeon to the boss, kill him to earn XP, and move on to the next dungeon. Doing an optional objective can give you XP, but that is not your main priority. Clearing the dungeon as fast as possible so that you can upgrade your characters. 

Higher Challenge Level

The final way to level up faster is to play the game on Higher Challenge Level. This will make combats much shorter, and they will reward you with more XP. However, keep in mind that the bosses and enemies in the High Challenge levels will be much harder. Defeating the bosses as quickly as possible is the only way to get maximum XP output. 

This is how you can level up fast in Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance. To learn more you can check out our abilities guide.

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