Destiny 2 Out Of Its Way Vault Of Glass Challenge Guide

Destiny 2 Out Of Its Way

The raids in Destiny 2 are long and interesting to complete with their friends. Each raid has a series of challenges that will require your undivided attention. You can find the Out of its Way challenge in the Vault of Glass raid in the first Templar Section. This Destiny 2 guide will include all the details on how to complete out of this way Vault of Glass raid challenge

How to Complete the Out of Its Way Vault of Glass Challenge in Destiny 2

After completing the Oracles section, you will come across the Templar section. Here you will be facing against a Templar that will be reluctant on teleporting to another area on the arena. The challenge requires you to stop the Templar from teleporting at all costs. When the Templar starts the teleporting stance, an area where it will spawn will emerge. All you have to do is have one player stand in that area. This will stop the teleportation for that moment. 

The Templar will try to teleport multiple times, so you have to keep on your toes. There is two way to go on about this. You can have your whole team spread out so that everyone can prioritize the portals whenever they see one spawning near them. The other way is to assign a single individual for the task. This will allow the other member to focus their attention solely on DPS’ing the boss down while one individual will work on not letting the boss teleport.

The person who is constantly moving around needs to be quick and has to react to any teleports. The person can also help the team take down the Templar by using long-range weapons like a rocket launcher or sniper rifle. 

This is how you can complete the out of its way challenge in the Vault of Glass raid in Destiny 2. To learn more check out our guide on the best PvE weapons in the game.

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