Biomutant Tribe Weapons Guide: All Tribe Weapons And Alignments

Biomutant Tribe Weapons

Biomutant is the latest action role-playing game available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows. The game has been very well received by the community and is a fun RPG with engaging gameplay. Biomuntant has six tribes in the game that have their light or dark alignments. Each tribe has a weapon exclusive of that tribe, and you can acquire all the tribe weapons. This Biomutant guide will include all the details on how to acquire all the tribe weapons and the tribe alignments.

All Tribe Weapons in Biomutant

Myriad, Jagni, Ankati, Netra, Pichu, and Lotus are the six tribes in Biomutant. All of these tribes have either the goal of saving the Tree of Life or destroying it. Your main job will depend on which tribe you align yourself with at the start of the game, be it Myriad or Jagni. You will get the tribe weapon for whichever tribe you align yourself with. You can collect all the weapons by finishing all quests and uniting all tribes or defeating all tribes. 

Myriad Tribe

Myriad is a maximum light tribe, and their unique tribe weapon is the Boomerang. They are the most kind-hearted and want what’s best for the Tree of Life. You will have to unite the tribes and save the Tree of Life from the Worldeaters if you align with the Myriad Tribe at the start of the game. The Boomerang has good damage output but is a slow weapon to use. 

Biomutant Tribe Weapons

Jagni Tribe

Jagni is a dark tribe, and their unique tribe weapon is the Staff. They want to destroy the Tree of Life and will enslave anyone who gets in their way. The Staff is a two-handed melee weapon that is fast to use and does good decent damage if combos hit with high crit.   

Ankati Tribe

Ankati is a light tribe, and their unique tribe weapon is the bow. They prefer the unity of all the tribes and want to save the Tree of Life. The bow is very good at long range and is very fast to use. The bow is the best weapon for those who prefer to fight at long range.

Ankati Tribe

Netra Tribe 

The Netra is a somewhat light tribe, and their unique tribe weapon is the Grabbler. Even if they are a somewhat light tribe, they are still good and want good for everyone. The Grabbler hooks an enemy bringing them close to you while also doing a little damage. If you want to do damage at close range, then this is an excellent option. 

Netra Tribe 

Pichu Tribe 

The Pichu is a somewhat dark tribe, and their unique tribe weapon is the Nanchuk. Pichu is one of the tribes that does not have the lack of capacity to know what to do. They do not know which side is wrong and which is wrong. In comparison, they resemble the player base.

Pichu Tribe 

Many players are confused the same way during the game on what to do with the Tree of Life. The Nanchuk is a close-range weapon which is a good option but is not better than the Staff. 

Lotus Tribe 

The Lotus is a maximum dark tribe, and their unique tribe weapon is the Shuriken. They are eviler than the Jagni tribe and want utter chaos in the world of Biomutant. The Shuriken is a high-speed long-ranged weapon that does not need to be reloaded. The weapon has good accuracy so that you can attack with it endlessly. 

These are all the Biomutant Tribe Weapons that you need to know about. If you want to learn more then you can check out our guide on all the classes in the game.

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