Biomutant Anti-Radiation Suit Guide: How To Get

Biomutant Anti-Radiation Suit

During your exploration of the vast open world of Biomutant, you will come across highly radioactive areas. You can not navigate these areas easily will require you to have an Anti-Radiation Suit. The suit will allow you to go into the radioactive areas of the map and easily explore and collect the scattered loot. This guide will include all the details on how you can acquire the Anti-Radiation Suit in Biomutant. 

How to Get the Anti-Radiation Suit in Biomutant

Acquiring the Anti-Radiation Suit is part of a side quest, “The Radioactivity Suit”. Completing the side quest will allow you to get the suit. Anti-Radiation Hood, Pants, and Jacket are three pieces in the suit. First off, you will need to tune a Pingdish. This will locate the suit, and you will have to make your way there. Head to a building in Pingfish 3F which will have enemies outside of it. Deal with them and head inside.

As you move ahead, you will have to interact with and solve a Rotation puzzle. The puzzle is quite simple as it requires you to complete the circuit by aligning the switches. Completing the puzzle and move to the satellite dish. Move the antennas in such a way that the signal increases. This will reveal the location of the next area where you have to go. 

The next place you will have to go is Bangshelter 2G. Enter the Bunker here and interact with the Anti-Radiation Suit that is encased in glass here. Acquiring the suit will allow you to go through the radiation zones in the game.  

This is how you can get the Anti-Radiation Suit in Biomutant. \if you want to learn more then you can check out our guide on how you can change tribes in the game.

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