Biomutant Ark Seats Guide: Which Should You Choose?

Biomutant Ark Seats

Biomutant has multiple endings depending on which Aura you align yourself with. One involves you destroying the Tree of Life accompanied by the Dark Tribes, whereas the other is where to protect the tree accompanied by the Light Tribes. This guide will include all the details on Ark Seats and who to choose in Biomutant. 

Everything About Ark Seats in Biomutant

It does not matter if you are choosing to save or destroy the Tree of Life, as, in the end, you will have to leave the planet. Upon leaving, you will have to choose a few others to accompany you to Ark. The Ark can not provide seats for all the tribe members. As a result, you have to select three members from all the twenty characters available.

Apart from the three you choose, the Ark will have seats for Sifu, Out-of-Date, and yourself. Characters will only accept your request to join you in the Ark if you are on the same Aura side as them. You can not expect a dark tribe member to join you when you have aligned yourself with the light tribe. However, there are some characters whom you can take regardless of your tribe affiliation. 

The option of choosing whom to take with you depends entirely on you. The game will not be affected by this as this is basically the last scene in the game. You can choose any character you want and feel comfortable with. If you align yourself with the Dark Tribe, you will most probably take characters from that tribe as well. This is because you will do missions assigned by them, and your bond with them will be high to take them. These are all the characters that you can take with you on the Ark:

Maximum Light

Chu-Chu, Gill, Gizmo, Goop, Juju Mojomecker, Jumble, Mito, Noko, Sol Slenderstiff

Maximum Dark

Klick, Lobo, Lump, Moog Munsterhonter

Maximum Light / Dark

Boom, Gulp Glugswig, Honki, Nova, Pebble, Trim, Whiz Tinkertonker

This is what you need to know about Ark Seats in Biomutant. If you want to learn more then you can check out our guide on how you can get the anti-radiation suit.

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