Bannerlord – How To Have Kids?

Bannerlord - How To Have Kids

Be it the joy of battle, or the struggle of survival, Bannerlord features a unique way of storytelling that has the ability to capture the flow of time. You sit back, relax, and watch every action unfold. 

Life doesn’t have to be so hectic, it’s short, and there are much smaller things to take care of. Take having children as an example. It’s the beginning of a new life, a new story, and a new existence. 

In this guide, we will show you how you can have kids in Bannerlord to continue your story beyond the final dance. 

Children In Bannerlord

The children are an added feature in Bannerlord that allow you to have something more than just the heat of the battle. 

Surprisingly enough, great attention to detail has been given to the fact that children will inherit the facial structure of their parents upon creation.

Bannerlord - How To Have Kids

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These features are referred to as facekeys, and will automatically become a part of your child once it’s born. Additionally, your children will count as your extra lives, and you’ll be able to play them upon dying. 

Therefore, it’s better to have as many as possible, purely from a strategic point of view. 

Finding A Spouse In Bannerlord

Once you’ve made the decision to have children, it’s time to find a spouse that will accompany you in this venture. There aren’t any illegitimate children in the lands of Calradia.

Bannerlord - How To Have Kids?

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Therefore, you need to create a proper family setting in order to have children. With that said, you can use the in-game encyclopedia to narrow down your options for children to ensure you have the lineages sorted out before having a child. 

Spouse Requirements

There aren’t a whole lot of requirements for marrying a spouse. The woman just needs to have reached 18 years of age or higher, and you’re good to go. 

However, you can have some personal requirements regarding her blood and traits that you want your children to have.

Creating Conditions For Conception

The game allows you to have a chance with anyone. Therefore, just decide on a spouse, and it’s time to leave everything to fate. 

Bannerlord doesn’t unveil official chances or rates for conception. Therefore, it’s only a matter of waiting and believing. However, your charm metric might have an active say in a successful pregnancy. 

Bannerlord - How To Have Kids

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Consequently, raising your relationship level with your spouse might also impact the pregnancy chance (based on common sense and player opinion). 

Hitting It Off

You just need to wait in the settlements with your spouse and wait for the pregnancy notification to appear. This can either take minutes, days, or weeks, depending on your luck. 

Some spouses have higher temperaments – making it harder to have a child with them while others have a chance of miscarriage (depending on the difficulty level). 

Plus, women above the age scale of 40 won’t be able to get pregnant, so there’s no benefit in trying. 

How Long Does It Take For Pregnancy To End In Bannerlord?

Considering time flows 12 times faster in Bannerlord, a pregnancy will last around 63 days. This time frame can increase or decrease by a day or two since actual pregnancy periods are not exactly 9 months long.

The pregnancy period can also be a bit shorter since there’s always a chance of miscarriage. However, this is more dependent on the in-game difficulty selection. 


All in all, most of the ‘having kids’ process is autonomous. Since the base chances of getting pregnant are at 24%, you need to have luck on your side. 

You can try to increase your chances by adding different perks to the mix. However, they’re not officially proven to be useful so it’s like through a dart in the dark. 

Hopefully, now you know how to have kids in the Bannerlord game. Stay tuned for more informative and interesting guides.

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