Bannerlord – How To Have Kids?

Be it the joy of battle, or the struggle of survival, Bannerlord features a unique way of storytelling that has the ability to capture the flow of time. You sit back, relax, and watch every action unfold.  Life doesn’t have to be so hectic, it’s short, and there are much smaller things to take care of. Take having children as an example. It’s the beginning of a new life, a n...[Read More]

Bannerlord – How To Couch Lance

Mount & Blade: Bannerlord has no shortage of unique hits and attacks that can pivot the direction of a battle. Some of these attacks are pretty easy to execute.  However, others can be used as difficult, especially when it comes to the Couched Lance Damage tactic in Bannerlord. Only a limited number of weapons can use this effect, but those that do are plenty strong.  In this guide, ...[Read More]