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Darksiders III Flame Hollow Trailer Shows Fury’s Alternate Form

Alongside the official release date for the third Darksiders game, THQ Nordic also revealed a brand new Darksiders 3 gameplay trailer named Flame Hollow.

Although it is relatively short, the Darksiders 3 Flame Hollow trailer is quite impressive; because it shows some of the weapons Fury can use in the game, as well as her alternate form.

Fury’s signature weapons in Darksiders 3 are two whips, which many compared to Kratos’ (God of War) curved blades; however, Fury can also use large swords.

The most intriguing aspect of the trailer starts at 0:32, and it shows Fury changing her form. War and Death’s sister becomes surrounded by flames, and her attacks are visible more powerful.

What’s even more interesting is that the weapons Fury is using in normal form, also change when she switches to the Flame Form.

According to a blog post on playstation.com: “Fury can transform herself during gameplay, possessing new weapons, attacks, and traversal abilities.”

Just like War and Death (the first two Darksiders characters), Fury has to use all her skills in order to explore an open world environment; while hunting down the Seven Deadly Sins.

Darksiders 3 will be available starting November 27, 2018 (for PS4, Xbox One, and PC); with five different editions already available for pre-order.

The cheapest is the Darksiders 3 Standard Edition sold for $59.99 on Amazon or $48 for Prime Members.

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