Minecraft Better Together for Switch and Xbox One Gets Players Together

But sends negative signals to Sony

This week, we have discussed the latest reports and problems encountered by PS4 players who wanted to access their Fortnite Epic Games accounts on Nintendo Switch, and vice versa.

Thanks to an ex-Sony developer, we also found one of the reasons for which Sony might be blocking the access of Fortnite players on Switch; even though the video game developed by Epic Games had a huge success on Nintendo’s latest gaming platform.

There are multiple debates online, and there’s a good reason for players to be angry. Everyone knows and agrees that Sony makes a huge mistake. Sony knows that too and they are looking into it.

But Sony’s competitors, Microsoft and Nintendo; decided that it’s time for them to act. And hopefully force Sony to react, by either allowing cross-platform play or, at least, make a clear statement on how they intend to address this huge issue.

Minecraft Better Together

Introducing Minecraft’s Better Together version for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

Minecraft Better Together is a Minecraft update although most see it as an entirely new game. It is free for those who already have Minecraft but must be paid for those who don’t. Luckily, it costs only $19.99 on Amazon.

Besides various enhancements and other goodies; however, there is one important feature that we’d like to outline.

It allows Minecraft cross-platform play, and it’s Microsoft and Nintendo’s way to let Sony know that they care more about players.

As you can see at the end of the trailer, the message is quite clear:

“Create Together

Explore Together

Survive Together

Better Together”

The colors red (Nintendo) and green (Microsoft) should be enough for those who doubt that this is not aimed at Sony.

Granted, Minecraft is not the only title that now allows crossplay. But Minecraft is one of the most successful video games in history, it has a huge community of active players, and, now, because of the Better Together update, it just became better.

Finally, the trailer above was released in a period when Sony seems to be put in a corner.

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