More Games From Microsoft And Activision To Be Announced Soon

Microsoft Games

2019 has been great for gaming but there are some more interesting titles headed our way later this year. Xbox boss Phil Spencer has confirmed that Microsoft is working on single-player games and Activision CEO Bobby Kotick has teased upcoming remasters, so there are plenty of games that have yet to be announced.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer was asked whether more single-player games can be expected from Microsoft studios in the future and he confirmed that we will get more titles moving forward. Here is what he had to say regarding the matter:

Yes, I can confirm. With the additions to XGS we have a lot of teams that have built strong SP focused games and we want that to continue.

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick talked about the success that remastered games such as Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy and the Spyro Reignited Trilogy have got and he mentioned that more remasters will be coming out in the future. Gamecom 2019 is around the corner, so we might hear about these games at the event.

It might be too early for Microsoft to make any announcements but we do know that Phil Spencer held back at E3 2019 and that there are more games that the company is working on behind that scenes that have not been announced yet. Here is what Kotick had to say about remastered games:

If you look at Crash N. Sane Trilogy; that one sold through over 10 million copies. So they are obviously having a big impact on our bottom line and a real impact there, but I’d say what’s really important is that it’s reaffirming the enduring nature of these franchises for us. And as you mentioned, when you look at our IP library, we think there’s a lot of IP in there the fans are going to want to experience again.

This is all great, Microsoft is working on single-player games and Activision is working on remastering older titles. At the end of the day, there is something for everyone to play. While most developers have moved on to online games or games as a live service model. There are players that are still interested in playing single players games. It is great to see that Microsoft is still working on great single-player games and I for one am interested in checking them out when they come out.

Let us know what you think about new single-player titles from Microsoft and new remasters from Activision coming soon.

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