Bethesda’s Todd Howard Announced That Fallout 76 Will Include Radiant Quests


Fallout 76 Radiant Quests Confirmed

Fallout 76 will definitely not be a short game, and Bethesda’s Todd Howard just made sure we all are aware of that by announcing the return of Radiant Quests.

In an interview for the German website, Todd Howard was asked if the Radiant Quests will return in Fallout 76.

His answer was straightforward:

“Yes. Also handcrafted ones. Fallout 76 has a story, as well as radiant quests.”

Although is entirely in German you can read more about Todd Howard’s interview here, or alternatively, you can read the translated version or Reddit.

Fallout fans already know what Radiant Quests are, but if you did not play any game in the series before; here is a quick recap.

What Are Radiant Quests?

Fallout Radiant Quests are simple tasks usually received from different NPCs, and they can be completed by those players who wish to gain various rewards.

While some of the Radiant Quests can become repetitive after some time; they are definitely a great way to spend the time in the Wasteland.

For example, in Fallout 4, the Quartermastery Radiant Quest is received from Scribe Haylen. To complete it, you have to find a lux sensor, haptic drive, or reflex capacitor in one of the possible locations.

If you bring the required item back to Haylen you will receive 200XP and around 100 Caps.

Easy right?

So there, you have it. Fallout 76 Radiant Quests are real, along with a fast travel system.  You can experience both features during the Fallout 76 B.E.T.A.

Fallout 76 will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One starting November 14, 2018. Even if Bethesda’s title did not win an E3 Game Critics Award this year, it is one of the most expected titles of 2018.

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