Capcom Talks About Why Monster Hunter: World Was A Hit

Capcom Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World sold millions of copies around the world and was a major hit in the western world. One of the major reasons is what this time Capcom released Monster Hunter: World on home consoles rather than sticking to portables. Portables are fun and all but they do not offer the graphical fidelity of home consoles.

Monster Hunter: World director Fujioka Kaname talked about why the game was so successful in the west and he mentioned that releasing games on portables was indeed holding them back. Being able to play the game on larger display did indeed boost sales. Here is what Kaname had to say regarding the matter:

players wanted us to release our games on consoles, because in the years before Monster Hunter: World he had been focused on portables, which was something that was maybe holding us back in the West. We found that Western players want a console experience on a big screen TV at home.

Another reason why Monster Hunter: World was a hit is that it was released by Capcom around the world, at the same time. Before this title, games were released in Japan first and other parts of the world later on. This obviously does impact game sales.

Capcom Monster Hunter: World

It is safe to say that Monster Hunter: World is a successful game that has sold millions of copies around the world. It also gave birth to other titles such as Dauntless that are based on the same concept but are a bit streamlined.

Iceborne is the first and final expansion of the game and Capcom has confirmed that there are no more expansions planned for Monster Hunter: World. The base game has got plenty of updates and new content like the crossovers with other series, including Street Fighter and The Witcher. You can expect to see similar updates for the Iceborne expansion as well.

PS4 players will be able to take part in the beta ahead of launch but PC players will have to wait until Winter to play the upcoming expansion. Here is what producer Ryozo Tsujimoto mentioned, “Iceborne basically completes World, so it will be the last expansion.”

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