Capcom Talks About Why Monster Hunter: World Was A Hit

Monster Hunter: World sold millions of copies around the world and was a major hit in the western world. One of the major reasons is what this time Capcom released Monster Hunter: World on home consoles rather than sticking to portables. Portables are fun and all but they do not offer the graphical fidelity of home consoles. Monster Hunter: World director Fujioka Kaname talked about why the game w...[Read More]

Monster Hunter World Weapon Tiers Guide – All Best Tiers

Prime Wikis guide for finding all the Monster Hunter World weapon tiers. We will update this guide as needed. Monster Hunter World has 14 different types of weapons and some tiers are better than others. Fans that have played the game have submitted their votes regarding which tier of weapons is the best. On this Monster Hunter World weapon tier list we are going to rank the best weapons in Monste...[Read More]