Where To Sell Jewelry In RDR2?

Lovin’ the cowboy life but unsure of the ins and outs of shady businesses? We’ve got your back! While selling Jewellery is a common action in the world of RDR2, you need to know the places that deal with it. Otherwise, you’d be stuck on a fat stack of gold, unsure what to do with it.  Therefore, this guide will focus on all the places where you can sell your hard-earned jewe...[Read More]

How To Use Dead Eye In RDR2?

Read Dead Redemption 2 has been locked and loaded with core mechanics that define the overall “feel” of the game. While some of these mechanics are purely customary, important interactions like using Dead Eye serve to tell a story instead.  It is not only the core mechanic of the game but also allows you to shoot better by aiming more precisely. However, needless to say, it’...[Read More]