Red Dead Online Jeb Phelps Guide: Where To Find

Red Dead Online Jeb Phelps

The latest Blood Money update is here, and it brings new content, quests, and NPCs to the game. Jeb Phelps is a new NPC who has a contract for you. Contracts in the new update are more treacherous, but they still reward you with Capitale. Capitale allows you to accept higher payout opportunities from Martelli. You will find your quest of finding Jeb Phelps in Annenberg. However, he is not easy to find. This Red Dead Online guide will include all the details on where to find Jeb Phelps. 

Where to find Jeb Phelps in Annesburg in Red Dead Online 

The reason people might find it difficult to find Jeb Phelps because you have to look for him in the entire mining town without any hints. Most people would even look house to house to get any clues. Finding him this way can be a waste of time. To find him, you need to make your way to the center of the town. After doing this, you need to check for a blue house that has a green door. It is quite easy to find once you make it to the center. 

When you try to open the front door, you will find that it is locked. Make your way around the house to get to the back door. Open the door and go inside to watch the cutscene. After the cutscene is over, you will be able to start the Jeb Phelps contract right away. 

This is how you can find Jeb Phelps in Red Dead Online. To learn more check out our guide on how you can complete the Clearing House contract. You can also check out our guide on completing the Railroad Contract.