RAGE 2 Ark Chests & Storage Containers Locations: Doomsayer Peak

RAGE 2 Doomsayer Peak is one of the Twisting Canyons locations, featured in the latest action first-person shooter videogame published by Bethesda Softworks for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Twisting Canyons Doomsayer Peak is also one of the locations you should explore if you want to find 8 Storage Containers and 2 Ark Chests.

Our guide below explains how to complete Doomsayer Peak in RAGE 2.

RAGE 2 Doomsayer Peak Location & Map

RAGE 2 Doomsayer Peak Twisting Canyons Location MapDoomsayer Peak can be found north of Cliff Side Outlook, north-west of Highroad Block and south-west of Junkers Pass Ark, as you can see on our map above.


Location Type: Bandit Den
Enemy Difficulty: 3
Items of Interest: 8 Storage Containers, 2 Ark Chests
XP Rewards: 100 (John Marshall’s Projects)
$ Rewards: 144
Description: “Any hangout for a gang of riders is known as a Bandit Den. Usually nothing more than a few shacks taken by force, they offer minimal shelter and protection but can serve as a staging ground for further attacks.”

To successfully complete Doomsayer Peak in RAGE 2, you’ll need to find all Items of Interest revealed below.

Doomsayer Peak Hidden Storage Containers & Ark Chests

The first 2 RAGE 2 Storage Containers at Doomsayer Peak can be found as you traverse the highest bridge in the camp. They are in a metal shack on the left side from the main entrance.

Inside you’ll find $255 and 130 Feltrite.

RAGE 2 Doomsayer Peak Storage Container Location 1

Once you get the first 2 collectibles, head left and descend in the round pit.

Look for another Storage Container in the small room adjacent to the pit. It contains 130 Feltrite. Nearby you can also spot one of the Ark Chests which contains 5 Auto Parts.

Retrace your steps back to the bridge mentioned above, head left and follow the stairs to the highest tower. In the first large room, on the left side, you’ll find another Storage Container.

It contains $265.RAGE 2 Doomsayer Peak Storage Container Location 4

From your current location continue to ascend the tower using the elevator. In the round room, open the door on the left and follow the ladder to reach the tower’s roof.

One container has $260 inside, and one 130 Feltrite. The second Ark Chest can also be found here and it contains a Ninotrite Booster.

RAGE 2 Doomsayer Peak Storage Container Location 5

Head back downstairs and cross the camp to the tower on the left side from the main entrance. On the other side of the canyon, you should see a ramp pointing at it.

Take the elevator up and in the room with a round bar, you’ll find another container. It contains $260.

RAGE 2 Doomsayer Peak Storage Container Location 7

Finally, check the balcony of the room where you found the previous container for the last one.

Inside you’ll find $260.

RAGE 2 Doomsayer Peak Storage Container Location 8

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