New Pokemon Snap 4 Star Photos Guide: How To Get 4 Stars

New Pokemon Snap 4 Star Photos

The new Pokémon game is out and is very fun to play. The game has unique features that were not available in the previous Pokémon game. One of these features is taking a picture of Pokémons and the game rating you for that photo. A 4 Star photo is the highest quality of a photograph. If you plan for 100% completion, you will have to take a 4 Star photo of each Pokémon. This New Pokemon Snap guide will include all the details on factors make your photos 4 star.

How To Get 4 Star Photos In New Pokémon Snap

The higher the rating of the photograph depends on quite many things. Some of the things we noticed that made a change are whenever the Pokémon are doing something interesting. Suppose there are multiple Pokémons in the photo that makes it better. Having the Pokémons doing activities like attacking or hunting something can also increase rating. If multiple Pokémons are interacting and playing with each other, this will increase the rating as well.

Eating or dancing are also things to look forward to, and you should be ready to capture a photo. Taking photographs from different angles allows room for creativity and increases chances. Be ready if a Pokémon does any special attack or signature as that will surely spike the rating. 

 This is what you need to know in order to get 4 star photos in New Pokemon Snap. If you want to learn more then you can check out our guide on where you can find the legendary Pokemon Lugia.

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