Monster Hunter Stories 2 Bottle Caps Guide: How To Farm

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Bottle Caps

Bottle Caps in Monster Hunter Stories 2 is a special currency in the game. It is different from the main currency, Zenny. You can only use Bottle Caps at a Melynx Inc. vendor. They take the currency in exchange for a lot of items. This Monster Hunter Stories 2 guide will include all the details on how to farm Bottle Caps. 

How to Farm Bottle Caps in Monster Hunter Stories 2

There is one available Melynx Inc. merchant in every village. You can easily locate them on the map and make your way to them. These merchants have hairstyles, armor, weapons, and more in their inventory. You will need many Bottle Caps in exchange for any item that you want from the vendor. As you progress through the game, the store will update its items. The new items will cost even more Caps, so make sure you are always collecting them on the side. These items can help you a lot in the late game. 

Farming and Questing

You can farm Bottle Caps in Everdens. Look for any Monster Den in different locations to find chests in the area. Monsters guard these chests, so you might need to deal with them first before opening the chest. The chests will contain more than 6 Bottle Caps. You will need to thoroughly explore the area with your party so that you do not miss any potential chest. The types of Monsters in Everdens are different and tougher as they need to safeguard the chests. 

You can also earn Bottle Caps by completing quests. You can start quests by talking to specific NPCs with an exclamation mark on their head or the Quest board. These quests will have rewards of Bottle Caps upon completion. You can also acquire a Monster that has a Nest-Search ability. This will allow you to check through many areas to find potential dens with chests inside. 

This is how you can farm bottle caps. To learn more check out our guide on getting S Rank.

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