Monster Hunter Stories 2 Royal Monsters Locations Guide: Where To Find

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Royal Monsters

Areas in Monster Hunter Stories 2 are vast and unique. They have different landscapes and different creatures roaming around the areas. Some of the creatures might be tough and rare. These are the Royal Monsters in the game. You can face them and even catch them. This Monster Hunter Stories 2 guide will include all the details on where to find Royal Monsters and catch them.

Where to find Royal Monsters in Monster Hunter Stories 2

The following are the locations of all the Royal Monsters in the game: 

Brute Tigrex – You can find Brute Tigrex sleeping next to the Sadona Barrens Catavan Outpost. This is located at Lamure. The Monster is not that hard to spot, and you fight it as soon as you arrive at the location. 

Gammoth – You can find Gammoth next to the Woodland Catavan Outpost. This is located at Loloska. This is another easy-to-spot monster. 

Monoblos – You can find the monster at the west of Harzgai Hill at the Inner Catavan Outpost. Go towards the night side of this position to find Monoblos sleeping.

Tigrex – You can find Tigrex near Basarios Rocks. This is located at Harzgai Hill in the Inner Catavan Outpost. She is easy to locate, and you can fight her right away. 

White Monoblos – You can find this monster at the north of Jalma Highlands Catavan Outpost. This is located in the Lamure Pit. Keep going north, and you soon spot the monster. 

Zinogre – You can find Zinogre down the mountain at Lavina Glacial Peaks Catavan Outpost. As you go down, your path will be clearer, allowing you to see Zinogre sleeping. 

How to Defeat them and Acquire their Egg

You can find these Royal Monsters in the different locations mentioned above. They are usually sleeping at the location. However, do not be disarmed by this as they are quite tough to take on once you wake them. Fighting and taking them down is important to acquire their egg. The monsters are rare, and the chances of you getting the egg are slim. To acquire the egg, you will need to defeat the monsters and make sure they retreat to their nest, where you can find the egg. If Naviro is at your party, she will inform you when you are close to them. 

Defeating a Royal Monster is not that easy as defeating any creature. They can one-shot you as they have high damage output. However, like every other creature, they have weaknesses. You will have to fight them a couple of times and find their weakness and fight accordingly. You will also need to complete a few tasks to make sure they retreat, like breaking their parts. During the fight, you will also have to throw a Paintball before them to increase the chance of them retreating. 

Once you complete all the tasks and successfully defeat them, you need to follow them. Once the monster reaches the nest, you can grab its egg and add it to your party. 

This is how you can find and defeat royal monsters in Monster Hunter Stories 2. To learn more check out our guide on how to find Duskshrooms.

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