Mass Effect: Andromeda Dying Planet Heleus Guide: How To Find It

Mass Effect: Andromeda Dying Planet

A Dying Planet is a side mission in Mass Effect: Andromeda with plenty of fights. All this is for saving a dying planet so it should be worth your time. In this guide, we are going to go over the Dying Planet mission and how you can find Heleus.

How To Find Dying Planet Heleus In Mass Effect: Andromeda

The first thing that you need to do is find the entrance to the sanctuary, Mithrava. Here you need to find the sages. This is at the top of a remnant ruin. Heat east from the main camp and down into the river. Then take a right. Take the river to the end to find the door.

This is not the actual door though. Keep following your HUD until you reach a locked door. Activate your scanner. Follow the yellow conduit which leads you to the console that unlocks the door.

Get to the top of Mithrava. You will have to maneuver through some rings. After two gravity well rides, you will get to the roof. This is still not the top though. After the second gravity well you need to go out the door and walk forwards. At the edge of the building, turn left and follow the balcony.

Drop down and turn left again. After that, you will have to fight your way through some remnants.  Keep moving forward until the balcony comes to an end. Once you have done that turn on your scanner to find the console that is nearby.

Doing so will raise some pillar which you can climb. Climb the pillars next to the console then turn around and look across the balcony at the main building. Doing a running jump will carry you over to some more pillars.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Dying Planet

Climb up and turn right. Following the building around to a gap that looks like it should have been a bridge. Use the console on the left of the space to build the bridge. Once you have done that you need to cross the bridge.

Fight off some more remnants that are waiting for you. Climb the wall in front of you then turn around. Shoot the remnant bots and jump across. Follow the wall around to the right and climb the pillars that are on your right.

Use the console on the left to build the bridge. Climb the pillars on the other side. Keep climbing the wall then turn right and you will come to a door. Inside you can use the gravity well to reach the top of Mithrava.

The sages at the top are not going to be very helpful. You will be introduced to the angaran concept of reincarnation. You will also be able to learn about the leader of the roekaar rebels.

Now that you have done all this, you need to head over to the location that Emus mentioned. You can fast travel down from the top of Mithrava to one of the forward stations on the ground. This will save you some time and effort.

Check your map for where you need to go and fight your way through the wild creatures that you encounter on the way. Once you reach the location, you need to go down the ramp and through the door. Now you need to locate Zorai’s heirloom.

Take the gravity well down into he remnant abyss. Once you go down, walk straight and through the door. Use the console in the next room to open doors on the left and right. Take care of the enemies and take the right door.

Go through the hallway around to the left. You will have a big fight here with some more remnant bots. Follow the hall around the left and down the ramp. The door at the bottom will open. You will face a new type of remnant bot here.

Remnant Destroyer Fight

You will need to take out the non-destroyer bots first. Do this as fast as possible. You can use the pillars as cover to stay out of the line of sight of the destroyer bot. It can eventually destroy small barriers so be careful.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Dying Planet

Target the turrets on the left and right of its torso. You will not make it through the fight if you shoot for the center as the bot is very powerful and you are not going to have a lot of firepowers. During the encounter, you should keep moving as the bot is not going to stay still.

When the turrets have been taken down, do not let your guard down. The boss has a cannon on the chest as well. When you see the chest opening, you should start moving.

Zorai’s Heirloom

Once you have taken down the boss you need to head to the door on the far side of the room from where you entered. Go through the hallway and up the ramps. You will find more remnant bots at the end of the hall. Open the door and examine the ancient remains in order to find the heirloom.

Head To Taavos’ Roekaar Camp

Now that you have got the heirloom you need to go back, the same way you came. Head to the marker on the map. Wait for roekaar to extend the bridge and cross the chasm. Go up the tower on the other side.

Go down the tunnel and through the door to find the ancient courtyard. About halfway across the courtyard, a shuttle is going to drop a squad of roekaar. The front door of the camp is heavily guarded. Try coming at it from the sides.

Go up the stairs and keep shooting until people stop shooting at you. Follow the HUD to find Taavos and talk to him.

Go To Monolith With Taavos

Mass Effect: Andromeda Dying Planet


Follow the marker on the HUD back into the chasm. Climb up on the left side to find Taavos. Follow him through the ruins. Continue towards the monolith controls. The gravity well will take you down to where you can use the console.

Find Havarl’s Vault

Follow the HUD to the location of the vault. When you get there, go down the ramp and through the door. Take the gravity well down and activate the console. Now you will have to take out some enemies.

Now you need to activate 4 consoles in a specific order. Once you have activated the consoles, the door to the vault is going to open. Activate the purification console controls and run. On your way, you need to avoid as many enemies as possible. Go up the balcony and activate the console. This will stop the purification field and make the bots friendly.

Now all you have to do is head back outside and fast travel to the marker on the map. Talk to Kiiran Dals to finish the mission.

That is all for our Mass Effect: Andromeda Dying Planet guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on console commands.

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