How to Beat Vay Hek in Warframe

How to Beat Vay Hek in Warframe

Vay Hek is one of the most challenging bosses in Warframe. He is a Corpus leader with an immense shield and the ability to transform into a powerful golem. While also being equipped with a variety of powerful weapons and abilities.

To beat this boss fight, players must navigate a complex environment filled with deadly traps and mob enemies while simultaneously avoiding Vay Hek’s attacks and finding ways to damage him.

As a result, defeating Vay Hek is no easy feat – but with the right strategy, weapons, and knowledge, you will be able to take him down.

In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to beat Vay Hek in Warframe.

How to Beat Vay Hek in Warframe – Preparation for Battle

Before you start the battle, it is essential to be well-prepared. This means ensuring that your Warframe is appropriately equipped with the right mods, weapons, and items.

Let’s discuss the different types of equipment required in detail.

1. Weapons

How to Beat Vay Hek in Warframe

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The best weapons to use against Vay Hek are those that deal radiation damage. Radiation damage is effective against his shield and the golem’s armor.

The best weapons for this are the Amprex, Atomos, and Ignis. Make sure to equip radiation mods on your weapons to increase their effectiveness.

For the exposed phase, you should switch to weapons that deal viral damage.

Soma Prime, Tiberon Prime, and Corinth are excellent choices for this phase.

These weapons will reduce Vay Hek’s health and make it easier to progress to the next phase.

As for the golem phase, you should use weapons that deal blast or radiation damage.

The Arca Plasmor, Corinth, and Ignis Wraith are excellent choices for this phase. These weapons can deal significant damage to the golem and break his joints.

Lastly, for the heart phase, you need high-precision weapons such as the Rubico Prime, Vectis Prime, or Lanka. These weapons will allow you to aim at Vay Hek’s heart accurately.

2. Warframe and Mods

How to Beat Vay Hek in Warframe

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The best Warframes to use against Vay Hek are those that have high survivability and mobility. Inaros, Rhino, and Wukong Prime are excellent choices for this battle.

It is also recommended to equip mods that increase your health, armor, and mobility.

Mods such as Vitality, Steel Fiber, and Rush are essential for this battle.

3. Items

How to Beat Vay Hek in Warframe

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To undertake this endeavor, it is essential to have a good supply of health, energy, and ammunition.

Make sure to bring enough health and energy restores, as well as ammo restores for your weapons.

You can also bring a companion such as a sentinel, which can provide you with additional support and buffs.

Understanding Vay Hek

Before we dive into the battle phases, it’s important to understand Vay Hek’s mechanics and behavior.

Vay Hek is a Corpus boss, and he has several phases in his battle. He can be quite challenging, especially for new players.

Here are some of the things you should know about Vay Hek:

  • Vay Hek has four phases in his battle, and he will become more challenging as the battle progresses.
  • He has a shield that must be depleted before you can damage him.
  • He is immune to certain types of damage, such as melee attacks and abilities, so you need to use the right weapons and mods to deal with him effectively.
  • He will periodically fly around the room and attack you from the air, which can be challenging to deal with.
  • He has several weak spots on his body that you can target to deal more damage.

Now that you know a little more about Vay Hek’s behavior, let’s dive deeper into his various battle phases and discuss the effective strategies to come out on top.

Phase 1: The Shield

How to Beat Vay Hek in Warframe

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The first phase of the Vay Hek battle is all about depleting his shield.

Vay Hek will initially be in a hovering machine, with a shield that must be removed before any damage can be done to him.

The shield will slowly recharge over time, and he will summon reinforcements throughout the phase, making it important to be quick.

The best way to remove the shield is by using a weapon that deals radiation damage, as it is most effective against shields.

Weapons that are effective against shields include the Ignis, Amprex, and Atomos.

Make sure to equip radiation mods on your weapon and prioritize critical hit mods to increase your damage output.

Furthermore, you should try your best to steer clear of Vay Hek’s energy barrage and homing missile attacks.

These attacks can be deadly, but they are easy to avoid. Just move around and dodge when the missiles start to fly toward you.

You can also use an AOE ability to take down the smaller enemies that Vay Hek summons.

Once Vay Hek’s shield is down, he will fall to the ground, and the second phase will begin.

Phase 2: The Exposed Phase

How to Beat Vay Hek in Warframe

After depleting Vay Hek’s shield, he will land on the ground, leaving his weak points exposed. You can now deal damage to him, but be careful as he is still quite powerful.

During this phase, you should focus on shooting his weak points, which are located on his head, chest, and back.

The best weapon to use during this phase is one that deals with viral damage, such as Soma Prime, Tiberon Prime, or Corinth.

Viral damage can reduce Vay Hek’s health, making it easier to progress to the next phase.

Phase 3: The Golem

How to Beat Vay Hek in Warframe

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Once Vay Hek’s health is reduced by a certain percentage, he will enter the third phase, where he will transform into a golem.

The golem is immune to most damage types, including corrosive, magnetic, and viral, making it important to switch to a weapon that deals with radiation or blast damage.

Throughout this phase, you need to be mobile and avoid his laser beam attack.

He will also summon mobs that will try to take you down, so make sure to deal with them quickly.

It is crucial to aim at the golem’s joints and break them to immobilize him and make him vulnerable to damage.

Phase 4: The Heart

Once the golem is defeated, Vay Hek will expose his heart, the final weak point that needs to be destroyed.

This phase can be the most challenging, as Vay Hek will start to fly around the room, making it difficult to hit his heart.

It is recommended to use a high-precision weapon, such as the Rubico Prime, Lanka, or Vectis Prime, to take down his heart.

The trick is to be patient and wait for the right moment to aim at his heart.

Vay Hek will periodically stop and rest on one of the platforms in the room, giving you the opportunity to shoot his heart.


Beating Vay Hek in Warframe can be challenging, but with the right strategy and tactics, you can emerge victorious.

Make sure to bring the right weapons and mods, target his weak spots, use the right Warframe, watch out for his attacks, and stay mobile during the battle.

With a little practice and patience, you’ll be able to defeat Vay Hek and earn some fantastic rewards.


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