Halo: Reach Ranks

Halo: Reach

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Halo Reach Ranks Guide – All Ranks, Required CR, Insignia Changes

Halo: Reach Ranks

Halo: Reach has plenty of ranks that you can achieve by gaining CR. The higher ranks are harder to achieve but if you have a rank in sight then you have come to the right place. In this Halo Reach ranks guide, we are going to walk you through all the ranks in the game and how much CR you need to climb the ranks.

Interestingly, most of the ranks in the game are inspired by the army but Master Chief Navy enlisted rank. That is some food for thought for when you are playing the game and climbing the ranks.

Halo Reach Ranks

The following is the complete list of ranks in Halo Reach Ranks and the amount of CR needed for each rank:

Rank CR Needed
Recruit  0
Private 7,500
Corporal 10,000
Corporal Grade 1 15,000
Sergeant 20,000
Sergeant Grade 1 26,250
Sergeant Grade 2 32,500
Warrant Officer 45,000
Warrant Officer Grade 1 78,000
Warrant Officer Grade 2 111,000
Warrant Officer Grade 3 144,000
Captain 210,000
Captain Grade 1 233,000
Captain Grade 2 256,000
Captain Grade 3 279,000
Major 325,000
Major Grade 1 350,000
Major Grade 2 375,000
Major Grade 3 400,000
Lt. Colonel 450,000
Lt. Colonel Grade 1 480,000
Lt. Colonel Grade 2 510,000
Lt. Colonel Grade 3 540,000
Commander 600,000
Commander Grade 1 650,000
Commander Grade 2 700,000
Commander Grade 3 750,000
Colonel 850,000 
Colonel Grade 1 960,000
Colonel Grade 2 1,070,000
Colonel Grade 3 1,180,000
Brigadier 1,400,000
Brigadier Grade 1 1,520,000
Brigadier Grade 2 1,640,000
Brigadier Grade 3 1,760,000
General 2,000,000
General Grade 1 2,200,000
General Grade 2 2,350,000
General Grade 3 2,500,000
General Grade 4 2,650,000
Field Marshall  3,000,000
Hero 3,700,000
Legend 4,600,000
Mythic 5,650,000
Noble 7,000,000
Eclipse 8,500,000
Nova 11,000,000
Forerunner 13,000,000
Reclaimer 16,500,000
Inheritor 20,000,000


Getting to the top might give you bragging rights but you will not find much at the higher ranks. The rewards are cosmetic and some would even say that they are not worth the grind but now you know how much CR you need to get the highest ranks in the game. In order to get to the highest rank in the game, you will need a total of 20,000,000 CR which means that you will need to invest a lot of time in the game.

That’s all that you need to know about ranks in Halo: Reach.

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