Halo Infinite Skulls Locations Guide: Where To Find All Skulls

Halo Infinite Skulls

There are 12 skulls that you can find and collect in Halo Infinite. They are hidden in different areas of the game and each one has a different effect. In this Halo Infinite guide, we are going to go over where you can find all the skulls in the game.

Where To Find All The Skulls In Halo Infinite

The following is what you need to know about finding all the skulls in Halo Infinite:


This is the first skull that you can find in the game. It doubles the radius of explosions. It can be found on the Gbraakon Warship. During the first mission once you go out of the ship, go up by using the elevator. Proceed through the hallways and you will reach one that has Jackyls in it. Deal with them and you can find the Boom skull in the next room. Jump to the upper level and use the scanner to outline the skull. 



This increases acceleration from explosions and can be found in Foundation. Fight through the Foundation till you get to the cutscene in which you pick up the weapon. After the elevator ride, proceed past the holograms to the next room. You will find the skull above you. You can use your scanner to find it. You can use the Grappleshot in order to get it.


This skull makes enemies throw and drop more grenades. It can be found on Zeta Halo. It is not part of a mission so you can go get it. You need to get to the island which is located in the north of Outpost Terminus. You will find the skull on a free at the end of the canyon.


This one disabled motion tracker and can be found on Zeta Halo surface. You will need an upgraded grappleshot in order to get it. You can also use a Wasp. Go to the western side of the map and search the cost that is southeast of the Foundation and southwest of FOB Alpha. 

Fog Skull

You will be able to find a small opening in the columns. This is where the Fog skull can be found sitting on a hexagonal surface. 

I Would Have Been Your Daddy (IWHBYD)

This makes rare combat dialogue more common. You can find the skull in the Tower. You can easily get it by taking a Wasp to the top of the Tower. You do need to unlock it at a FOB before you can do that. You can try using an upgraded grappleshot as well but that is a bit tricky. Either way, you can find the skull on a crate on the platform at the roof of the Tower.


This will make your HUD and weapon no longer show up on the screen. On the southwestern side of the map, you will find a long canyon running north-south along a lockdown region. In the middle of the island, you can find a Carrera Squad and make a line south to the canyon. You can easily make this trip on a Wasp but you can do it on foot as well. 

Halo Infinite Skulls

head to the western side of the canyon and proceed forward until you see the boulder lodged between the sides. Get close and you will see a fallen squad of Marines on top. You can find the skull on a ledge below you.


This skull will upgrade the ranks of all your enemies. You can find it on Zeta Halo surface. Once you have completed Pelican Down, you can access Reformation island located in the south. start at FOB Juliet and take the path north to the canyon between Reformation and graveyards. Near the beacon, you will see a high peak which a UNSC Audio Log on the top. 


Southeast of the location, you will see a spire. Use the grappleshot to climb it. You will find the skull on the top. 

Black Eye

This enables your shields to recharge only when you melee enemies. You can find it on Zeta Halo surface. On Reformation island, there is a waterfall on the southern side of the road mid-way between FOB Juliet and Riven Gate Banished Outpost. You will find a hidden tunnel halfway up the waterfall on the right. 

Use your grappleshot to get to the tunnel and then crouch to get inside. At the end of the cave, you will find the Black Eye skull. 


This skull makes weapons dropped but the enemies have half the ammo compared to normal. It can be found on Zeta Halo surface. You can find an island east-southeast of FOB November and south of the most eastern Beacon. You can get to it using a Wasp. Near the top of the peak of the island, you will find a dead Elite. The corpse is holding the skull you are looking for.


This skull will increase the health of your enemies. It can be found on the command spire. After completing the Nexus main story mission you use a grave lift to get up to the command spire. After fighting, you are teleported to an area with hexagon pillars floating about. There is some more fighting and then you use the grav lift to move up.

Halo Infinite Skulls

Follow the pillars to the point where they make a right turn. Now grappleshot above the pillars to find a walkway you can climb onto which is shaped like a ring. You need to climb up another level into an open hallway. Proceed forward and you will find the Mythic skull. 

Grunt Birthday Party

This skull makes grunt headshots a glorious celebration. You can find it in the Repository. Proceed through the Repository level until you get to a room that has a hardlight bridge that leads to a console and doors on either side. Interact with the central console. This will start a cutscene.

Go back to the first platform and turn right. Grappleshot across the platform. Go through the hallway and get the powerseed at the end. Take it to the main room and cross the bridge. Turn to the left and grappleshot to the other platform. Proceed through the hall and place the seed to the right. 

This opens a room later on in the level. return to the bridge and proceed through the mission. Later on, the weapon will have you focus on a window. Push through two more rooms and in the third one, you will find the skull above you.


This skull gives you unlimited ammo and grenades and removes the cooldown of your equipment. It can be found in the silent auditorium. You can only get this skull if you complete the Silent Auditorium main story mission without destroying the Sentinels. 

When you meet Adjutant Resolution again, you will need to activate some hardlight bridges. Your marker will try and lead you to the left. Ignore that and head straight. in the next room, you will see some destroyed Sentinels. If you did not destroy any Sentinels during the mission then you will find the skull you are looking for on the pillar above.

This is where you can find all the 12 skulls in Halo Infinite. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on how you can beat The Harbinger

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