Halo Infinite Equipment Guide: Best Tools To Use

Halo Infinite Equipment

Equipment in Halo Infinite can be picked and should be used in order to get an edge over enemies. When you die the equipment is going to be dropped. In this Halo Infinite guide, we are going to go over some of the best equipment that you should use.

Best Equipment You Should Use In Halo Infinite

The following is the equipment that you should be using in Halo Infinite.


The Grappleshot is a very cool piece of equipment to use. It will pull you close to whatever you fire it at. You can even use it on enemies and vehicles. It comes in handy if you are interested in getting up close and personal with an enemy or need to hijack a vehicle. 

You can also use it to reach high places that you would not be able to get to otherwise. Furthermore, if you shoot the grapple on an item or weapon then it will bring it to you. This can come in handy if you want to get a weapon before an enemy gets to it. Once you have picked up the equipment, you can use it 5 times. 


The Repulsor might not seem all that great at first but it can be used defensively. This can be used to push away things that are in front of you. This applies to incoming projectiles, vehicles, and even enemies. Timing it right is going to be very important and it can take some getting used to. This is a very powerful piece of equipment that will stop anything in its tracks if you time it right and push it back so that you have a chance to react. 


This is simple equipment to use. When you use it, it is going to boost you in the direction that you want. The thrust has great speed so you can use it to dodge enemy attacks. You can also use it to get out of situations in which you are backed up against a corner. Do note that there is a short cooldown between thrusts, so you cannot spam the equipment and you can use it three times when you pick it up.

Threat Sensor

Thread sensors can give you information about enemies in the area and share it with your team. It can stick to walls and even enemies. The scanner stays active for 6 seconds and will show you enemies, even through walls. This can be vital information that is going to give you the edge over the enemy team.

Drop Wall

Halo Infinite Equipment

Wall drop provides you with cover anywhere that you want or need it. This can come in handy when you are out in the open and need cover. The wall is divided into different segments, each can take a few shots before being destroyed. The rest of the segments are still going to remain intact until they are damaged as well. Not only can it absorb incoming damage, you can also shoot enemies through it.


Overshield is one of the best defensive equipment in the game that you can use. You do not have to use it as soon as you pick it up. You should use it when you are backed up against a corner and need the added protection. If you are being ganged up on then this can give you the protection that you need to survive the encounter and take down the enemy team. You can use it while you are taking damage as well. 

This is the best equipment that we recommend you use when playing Halo Infinite. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on how you can get the samurai armor for free in the game.

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