Genshin Impact Tips And Tricks Guide For Beginners

Genshin Impact Tips

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular free-to-play games right now but if you are just getting into it then you might be overwhelmed. In this Genshin Impact beginner’s guide, we are going to go over some tips and tricks that are going to help you get started.

Genshin Impact Tips And Tricks

The following are the tips and tricks that you should keep in mind when playing Genshin Impact:

Unlock Statues And Way Points

Once you have completed the prologue and have a couple of characters at your disposal, you should explore the world around you and start unlocking the statues and way points. This might seem tedious at first but this is going to save you a lot of time in the long run as you can fast travel to these points. This will allow you to travel much faster around the map.

Use The Map Right

You can use the map and put down different markings that are going to help you explore the open world. You can mark a location and then come back to it later to solve a puzzle or get an oculus. 

Focus On Adventure Rank Early On

Not only do you have to level up your characters but you also need to increase your adventure rank in order to progress the game. The story missions are going to be locked behind adventure ranks and if your AR is not high enough then you will not be able to access them. You need to hit AR 20 in order to unlock all the features of the game. Playing through the main story missions early on is going to unlock characters that you can use.

Loot Everything

While you are exploring the world, it is worth fighting enemies that you encounter and picking up the resources and loot that they drop. It is also worth picking up different resources such as flowers and ores that you can find in the wild. Rest assured that everything has its purpose and you will need all the resources that you find, especially early on in the game. 

Swap Characters And Combine Elements

Elemental reactions are the name of the game. You cannot simply use a single character and ignore the rest. You will not get far this way. What you need to do is swap characters often, combine their abilities to chain reactions in order to deal massive amounts of damage. Water and Ice for example combine to freeze enemies. 

Similarly, you can also check out your resonance. These are passive buffs that you get depending on the characters that you have on your team.

Genshin Impact Tips

Statues Of The Seven Can Heal You

While you can craft healing items and buy food, a free way of healing your party is by going to one of the statues of the seven. Standing near them will revive and heal your characters. There is a limit on how much healing the statues can provide in a specific amount of time but you will not be able to max that until later on in the game. When you are low on healing items and resources or just want to save your resources, be sure to go to the statues to heal your units. 

Upgrade The Statues

We recommend upgrading the statues in all of the regions in the game. This is going to reward you with different items and increase your stamina which is going to make exploration much easier. This can also help you in combat as more stamina allows you to use your charged attack for an extended period of time. 

Statues Of The Seven

Focus On A Single Character

When you start playing the game, you might think that leveling up all your characters is the best way to go. That is not the case as you are not going to have enough resources to level up all your characters. Especially not at the start of the game. That is why we recommend leveling up a single character as much as possible and not leveling up your support characters as high. 

Use a single high DPS character that can carry you and have the rest of your characters support this character. Diluc and Venti are great DPS characters that can be your main character. 

How To Improve Damage?

There are different ways in which you can increase the damage of your character and you need to tick all the boxes in order to deal the most amount of damage. You need to level up the characters and their talents but you also need to provide them with the right artifacts and level up the artifacts as well. The same goes for weapons. Your characters need to have the right weapons and those weapons need to be leveled up as well. 

Do Your Daily Commissions

We recommend doing the daily commissions in order to get free Primogems each day. Remember to get your rewards from Katherine once you have completed the commissions in order to get some extra Primos and other rewards. These might not seem like much but they do stack up and you are going to use the Primogems to wish on character and weapons banner. Otherwise, you need to buy wishes with real money.

Check Your In-Game Mail

Do check your in-game mail when you start the game and check it regularly from time to time. You get free wishes when you first start the game and you regularly get items for free from time to time. You get free items on character birthdays for example. 

Look Out For Game Codes

Be on the lookout for codes that can get you free Pimogems, mora, and XP books. You should also check your mail after maintenance to get Primogems and rewards. The Genshin Impact livestreams typically have 3 of them. Each of them gives you 100 Primogems among other things. This means 300 Primogems every live stream. Mihoyo often has collaborations with other companies to bring players rewards. 

How Does The Character Banner Work?

The special character banner has rotating 4-star and 5-star characters that you can wish for. They also have weapons that you can get. These change twice in an update. Since update 2.3, there are a pair of special character banners with different 5-star characters but the same 4-star characters. 

You can try your luck on the banners but there is a pitty system that you need to know about. The pitty system ensures that you get a 4-star character or weapon for every 10 wishes that you make. Once you get a 4-star weapon or character then the pitty is reset. 

Genshin Impact Tips

This is much higher for the 5-star characters. The soft pitty is 70 wishes. After 70 wishes the chance of getting the 5-star is increased. You are guaranteed to get the 5-star character in 90 wishes. Do keep in mind that there is a 50% chance that you will get the 5-star character that is featured on the banner and a 50% chance that you will get an off-banner character.

If you have already wished on the banner and have got an off-banner character then the next 5-star character that you get is going to be the one that is featured on the banner. The pitty carries over from one special character banner to another. For example, if Diluc is on the character banner and you get Mona and you do not get any 5-star on this banner then you are guaranteed to get the featured 5-star on the next banner. 

How Does The Weapons Banner Work?

The 4-star pitty is the same as the character banner but there are chances that you get a 4-star character rather than a weapon. You are guaranteed to get a 5-star weapon in 80 pulls. Which are 10 fewer wishes than the character banner. There are 2 5-star weapons and you are going to get either of the two. You will not get an off-banner 5-star weapon. 

There is a fate point system as well. This means that if you have selected weapon X as the 5-star weapon that you want to get then if you get weapon Y twice then the next weapon that you get is going to be weapon X. After that the fate points are going to reset and you have to repeat the process. 

These are some of the tips and tricks that you should keep in mind when playing Genshin Impact. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on how the fate points system works on the weapons banner.

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