Far Cry New Dawn Rusty M133 Weapon Location

Far Cry: New Dawn

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Far Cry: New Dawn Rusty M133 Weapon Location

Far Cry New Dawn Rusty M133 Weapon Location

Rusty M133 is a Rank 1 Shotgun featured in Far Cry: New Dawn, the videogame developed by  for PlayStation 4PC and Xbox One.

It is a common Shotgun which was also featured in other titles from the popular video games series.

The M133 is, therefore, a returning weapon from Far Cry 3, Far Cry 4, and Far Cry 5.

In Far Cry New Dawn, the Rusty M133 is available early in the game, being a craftable weapon.

Unless you find it while exploring the game’s world; you can get the M133 at the workbench in Prosperity.


“Pump action shotgun after the collapse of civilization? Nothing feels more right,”

General Information

Rank: 1
Weapon Type: Shotgun
Range: Medium
Accuracy: Medium
Handling: Medium
Damage: 200
RPM: 180
Magazine: 7
Similar Weapons: Makeshift M133 MS, “Retro Sci-Fi” M133 M, “Sin Eater” D2, Makeshift SBS, Optimized 1887, “Spraypaint and Pray” SPAS-12, “Such A Boar” D2, “Blissful Agony” D2

Far Cry: New Dawn Rusty M133 Location

The Rusty M133 can be found while looting your enemies or through exploration.

Most enemies you’ll encounter while playing Find Hope, carry this weapon.

The Far Cry: New Dawn Rusty M133 requires a Level 0 workbench because it’s a Rank 1 weapon.

Rusty M133 Crafting Materials

To craft the Rusty M133 in Far Cry New Dawn you’ll need the following Crafting Materials.

All of the materials listed in the table below can be obtained by looting dead enemies, completing activities (HuntingFishingTreasure Hunts); or by exploring the environment, especially the Looting Locations.

Material:  Amount:
Gears 68
Components 36

How to Use Effectively

A  powerful weapon the Russian Rusty M133 requires you to be in the close proximity of your target for increased effectiveness.

Although you can use it efficiently on Rank 1 and sometimes Rank 2 Highwaymen, you should replace it the moment you upgrade the workbench and have access to better weapons.

Did you manage to craft the Rusty M133 in Far Cry New Dawn?

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