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Code Vein

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Code Vein Prometheus Vestige Parts Locations Guide

Code Vein Prometheus

Prometheus is one of the Blood Codes in Code Vein and in this guide, we are going to walk you through where you can find the different vestige parts for this Blood Code.

Louis is the owner of the Prometheus Blood Code and you can unlock it by talking to him at the Home Base.

Where To Find All Prometheus Vestige Parts In Code Vein

Prometheus Vestige I can be found just before the entrance to the Dried-Up Trenches. A cutscene will play upon approaching it. This is part of the main story so you will not miss it. In order to repair Vestige II, you need parts A and B. You can repair Vestige III with parts C and D. The following is where you can find all these Vestige parts in the game:

Vestige Part Where To Find
A As soon as you exit to the surface in the Ruined City Center, after the “City Ruins Entrance” Mistle, go forward past the courtyard and take a right toward a shining red object. The path to the object is narrow.
B After the “Park Ruins” Mistle of the Ruined City Center, go straight and make a right just before the Butterfly of Delirium boss fight, you will find the Vestige on the ground behind a Stone-Crusher.
C Found at Ruined City Centre: In the part of the walkthrough named Track the Human Girl, once you reach the edge, go east and continue going straight until you reach a dead-end. You’ll find a group of enemies here, with some of them bowed around a corpse, kill the enemies and pick up the Vestige on the corpse,
D After the “Park Ruins” Mistle of the Ruined City Center, take a ladder down and find the vestige behind a statue on the lower level.


This is where you can find all the Prometheus Vestige parts in Code Vein. If you are interested in learning more about the Prometheus Blood Code then you can check out our Code Vein Blood Codes guide.

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