Code Vein Butterfly Of Delirium

Code Vein

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Code Vein Butterfly Of Delirium Boss Guide

Code Vein Butterfly Of Delirium

Butterfly of Delirium is another boss in Code Vein which you will encounter once you have defeated Oliver Collins. In this guide, we are going to walk you through how you can beat Butterfly of Delirium in Code Vein

How To Beat Butterfly of Delirium In Code Vein

For this fight, we recommend using a Bayonet so that you can damage from afar but if you are good at dodging then you can use any weapon that you want. The strategy for beating this boss is getting close. Bait the Butterfly of Delirium into attacking, counter the attack and deal damage to the boss.

The following are the different attacks that the boss can use against you and how you can counter them:

Poison Projectiles

Butterfly of Delirium will shot 5 purple balls. These will damage and poison you. You can dodge forwards in order to avoid any damage and counter-attack. You will need to time the dodge right.

Poison Burst

The boss will cover herself in a poison mist. You need to move backward and wait for the mist to go away in order to avoid getting poisoned.

Tail Dash

Butterfly of Delirium will put her tail in front and dash at you. In order to counter this move, wait until she is close and dodge to either side. You will not be able to counter-attack this move using ranged skills.

Double Hit Combo

Butterfly of Delirium will attack twice. The first attack is from the left and then forwards. You can dodge backward twice in order to dodge this move. You can use ranged skills to counter-attack after she is done with her attack. You can even parry this two-hit combo is you are good at parrying.

Whirlwind Attack

Butterfly of Delirium will dash at you from the left and then perform a whirlwind move. To avoid damage, you should dodge backward twice. You can use ranged skills for counter-attacks. 

Whirlwind Projectiles

The boss will do a spin with her tail in front. She will also shoot projectiles. Try to stay at a distance to avoid getting damaged. You can dodge the projectiles and then you will have some time to land a few hits.

Big Purple Projectile

The boss will use her tail to throw a single big projectile. The projectile will fade after some time. Try to dodge twice and wait for the projectile to go away. You can destroy the projectile with a bayonet shot as well.

Poison Beath

The boss will use her tail to spread poison. You can run to either side to avoid this move. This is a very long attack so you can move behind the boss and do damage.

That is all for this boss fight. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our achievements guide.

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