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Borderlands 3 Legendary Weapons Guide: All Legendaries

Borderlands 3 Legendary Weapons

Borderlands 3 has a billion guns but the Legendary weapons are the most unique ones that you can find and use in the game. Most of the guns in the game are procedurally generated but that is not the case for Legendary weapons in Borderlands 3. These weapons are unique and carefully designed. In this Borderlands 3 guide, we are going to go over all the Legendary weapons that you can get in the game.

All Legendary Weapons In Borderlands 3

The following are all the Legendary weapons that you can find in Borderlands 3:

Legendary ARs

The following are all the Legendary Assault Rifles that you can find in Borderlands 3:

Name Special Perks How To Get
Rebel Yell Bullets target tracking darts which the weapon fires Random Drop
Carrier Bullets bounce off surfaces. The weapon can shoot a tracking grenade. Bullets target all opponents in an area. Random Drop
Embrace the Pain Firing continuously sets you on fire. You get a higher firing rate and the weapon does not use ammo. Random Drop
Pain is Power The weapon does not break when it overheats, it does fire damage to you instead. Random Drop
Sawbar Continuous fire results in bullets that splits into 3 explosives shots. Random Drop
Barrage Alternative burst fire mode toggles increase in zoom. Random Drop
Breath of the Dying Killing enemies makes them explode. Explosions create corrosive orbs. Random Drop
Kaos Killing enemies make them explode. Explosions do elemental damage. Random Drop
Star Helix A fully automatic weapon that fires 3 shots at the same time. Random Drop
Warlord Has a 30% chance not to use ammo on each shot fired. Random Drop
Bekah Shots fired turn into 3 bullets in the air. Complete Hammerlock Challenges
Gatlin’ Gatling Gun The longer your fire this weapon the higher the rate of fire. Random Drop
Hand of Glory The weapon shoots three 2-shot bursts quickly, one after the other. Complete The Guns of Reliance quest
Lead Sprinkler Bodyshots create a bullet that bounces off surfaces. Headshots create three of them. Defeat Anointed enemy Billy at Jakobs Estate on Eden-6.
Rowan’s Call Critical hits bring back 2 bullets back to your mag Random Drop
Alchemist A semi-automatic weapon that Sticks as shock damage, explodes as fire damage and can damage you too. Random Drop
Laser-Sploder The weapon fires a laser that deals damage constantly and creates explosive bullets. Random Drop
Bearcat Can shoot explosives that do fire damage and explode when they hit enemies. Random Drop
Try-Bolt Shoots slow explosives. Random Drop
Damned The weapon has a shield. Random Drop
Faisor The weapon has an impressive alternative shotgun mode. Random Drop
Lucian’s Call Critical hits bring 2 bullets back to the mag of the weapon. Random Drop
Ogre The weapon has a large magazine and fires shots that explode. Random Drop
The Dictator The weapon fires three protectiles at the same time. It can fire 7 shots with the bipod. Random Drop
Shredifier The weapon has a big magazine and fires very quickly. Random Drop
Sickle The weapon shoot sickle-shaped shotgun rounds. Random Drop


Legendary Heavy Weapons

The following are all the legendary heavy weapons that you can find in the game:

Name Special Perks How To Get
Freeman Laser guide your missiles Random Drop
Ruby’s Wrath 7 rockets that can be homed in on targets using a Vortex Grenade Random Drop
Hive Fires large slow-moving projectile that will begin to fire small homing rockets at enemies before exploding Defeat Princess Tarantella II in The Splinterlands.
R.Y.N.A.H. Fires two large explosive balls that chain damage to nearby enemies Cannot get this weapon without cheats.
Scourge Shoots 1 large projectile with three smaller rockets swirling around it; all explode after a certain distance Random Drop
Stuffed Quadomizer Fires a row of 4 rockets; cycles between Radiation, Corrosive, and Incendiary Defeat The Rampager boss in the mission Beneath the Meridian
Tunguska Upon impact, rocket redirects upwards before exploding Random Drop
Jericho Radiation damage; Shots fired rise into the air before detonating, releasing smaller rockets that rain down before exploding Random Drop
Mongol Fires one large rocket that spawns multiple smaller rockets Can only be obtained with cheats.


Legendary Pistols

The following are all the legendary pistols that you can find in the game:

Name Special Perks How To Get
Linc The weapon has a high fire rate and bullet velocity. Defeat the Anointed Alpha in Malevolent Practice
SkekSil The weapon can at times shoot 2 extra rocket shots. Comlpete the Skrakk Crew Challenge
MOARR Linoge Hails bullets that bounce off surfaces. Random Drop
Pestilence The weapon has a high firing rate. Complete Heckle/Hyde Crew Challenge
Psycho Stabber The weapon grants a +125% melee damage buff. Defeat Borman Nates in Meridian Outskirts
AAA Burst-firing weapons that shoot a-pattern shots that have a chance of dealing elemental damage. Random Drop
Nemesis A semi-automatic weapon that does Shock damage. Random Drop
Night Flyer The weapon does high damage per second but does not kill enemies. HP can drop to 1 HP. Defeat Rakk Man in Carnivora
Hornet The weapon first burst shots firing 6 bullets. It does high elemental and splash damage. Random Drop
Amazing Grace The weapon has deals high damage. Critical hits return bullets back to the magazine. Complete Life of the Party quest
King’s / Queen’s Call Critical hits bounce 3 bullets off surfaces. Defeat Tyreen the Destroyer in mission Divine Retribution
Maggie Weapon first 6 bullets per shot. Random Drop
The Companion Critical hits put set enemies on fire. Deals high elemental damage. Random Drop
The Duc The weapon fires explosive shots that stick to enemies and surfaces. Critical hits ricochet 2 bullets. Random Drop
The Flood The weapon is fully automatic and has an extremely high firing rate. Random Drop
Unforgiven The weapon deals high critical damage and has a unique reloading animation. Random Drop
Wagon Wheel Ricochets 6 bullets off the enemy. Random Drop
Hellshock A fully automatic weapon that can switch between Fire and Shock elemental damage types. Random Drop
Hyper-Hydrator The weapon is a water gun that can act like a taser. Pre-Order bonus. Also part of Deluxe Edition.
Sellout Shoots a laser that explodes as an orb and damages you. Suicide Option (Sellout)
Superball The weapon shoots fire spheres that are bouncy.  Random Drop
Thunderball Fists The weapon fires projectiles that become orbs that shock enemies nearby. Random Drop
Baby Maker++ Reload explodes when it comes in contact with target and becomes four pistols that fly. World Drop but you can also get it via the Clap-Trap Crew Challenge.
Bangarang XL When the weapon is reloaded it will spin and shoot. Random Drop
Gunerang XL Reload throw returns to the character and explodes Random Drop
S3RV-8OS-Execute+ Empty thrown gun does more damage to the enemy and this effect can stack. Defeat General Traunt with Mayhen 4.
Scorpio XL Throwing the weapon creates Roland’s turret Cannot be obtained without cheats.
Breeder The weapon fires sticky shots that spawn MIRV grenades Random Drop
Devastator The weapon fires two bullets in bursts and has a large splash radius. Random Drop
Devil’s Foursum The weapon fires 3 explosive rounds. Random Drop
Girth Blaster Elite This is a toy gun that fires foam darts.   Pre-Order bonus also increased in Deluxe Edition of the game.
Moonfire Third shot from this weapon deals double damage. Defeat Wotan in mission Midnight’s Cairn
Occultist Fires a projectile with many extra projectiles around it. All these projectiles explode and are incendiary. Defeat Troy Calypso in mission The Great Vault.
Roisen’s Thorns The impact fire mode shoots 2 extra projectiles. Projectiles are corrosive. Random Drop
Echo Fires sticky explosives that burst after a short delay. Uses 2 rounds per shot fired. Random Drop
Infinity The weapon has a magazine size of 1. It does not consume ammo when fired. Random Drop
Magnificient The weapon has a high rate of fire but it is not accurate. Random Drop


Legendary Snipers

The following are all the legendary snipers that you can find in the game:

Name Special Perks How To Get
Stalker 3-round burst; toggle between vertical/horizontal Bloody Harvest: The Heck Hole
Malak’s Bane Semi-auto; swaps between Sniper and Shotgun Random Drop
Crossbow One-shot mag size; shoots a powerful explosive bolt Defeat Urist McEnforcer in Lectra City.
Tankman’s Shield Kills increase damage for the next magazine Defeat Captain Traunt with Mayhem 4
Woodblocker Shoots in 4-round bursts Random Drop
Headsplosion Shots explode on impact dealing bonus damage Manvark

(Crew Challenge)

Monocle Extreme weapon zoom; high Accuracy, Handling, and ~500% crit damage but reduced normal damage Random Drop
ASMD Shoots slow-moving Shock ball on hip-fire; fast-moving Shock bolt while ADSing Random Drop
Firestorm Shots spawn 3 fireballs with high splash radius Random Drop
Krakatoa Full-auto; turns killed enemies into volcanoes Random Drop
Storm On impact, spawns Shock orbs that float and zap enemies over time Random Drop
Lyuda Splits into three projectiles in mid-air after a certain distance Random Drop


Legendary Shotguns

The following are all the legendary shotguns that you can find in the game:

Name Special Perks How To Get
Brainstormer The weapon has a Vertical spread and shocks nearby targets. Random Drop
Conference Call The weapon creates extra projectiles. Random Drop
Deep Dive Face-Puncher The damage of the weapon depends on your melee damage. Random Drop
Fearmonger Weapon fires 4 shots that stick to enemies and explode, dealing high damage. Bloody Harvest (The Heck Hole)
Phebert The hitscan perk allows the weapon to deal increased damage and uses 2 ammo per fire. Defeat Wick and Warty in Lectra City.
The Butcher This is a fully automatic weapon that has a high firing rate and is accurate. Random Drop
Hellwalker Incendiary; increases status effect damage/chance after Action Skill ends Random Drop
Nimble Jack The weapon has a tight spread. Needs reload after every shot. Defeat Handsome Jackie boss in Skywell-27.
One Pump Chump There is a 50% chance that the weapon will not consume ammo when fired. Defeat One Punch in Lectra City.
Sledge’s Shotgun The weapon fires in 2-shot bursts. Random Drop
T.K’s Wave Fired projectiles move in a wave and bounce. Random Drop
The Garcia The weapon has a big magazine. Chonk Stomp

(Crew Challenge)

The Tidal Wave Fired projectiles move in a wave and bounce. Random Drop
Kill-o’-the-Wisp Weapons fires giant orbs that explode after they travel a certain distance. Random Drop
Mind-Killer Almost charges instantly. ADS reduces the spread to form a plus shape. Defeat Mouthpiece as part of the Cult Following mission.
Recursion Shoots disk projectiles that can ricochet. Random Drop
Trevonator Fully automatic weapon that shoots 6 elemental orbs in a single fire. Random Drop
Vosk’s Deathgrip Weapon switches between single shot and six-shot beams. Defeat Troy Calypso in Mayhem 4.
Creeping Death Throwing the gun at the target will direct your previous shots towards the target. Defeat Mother of Grogans in The Anvil.
The Horizon Thew weapon can create an explosive orb when thrown. Defeat Maxitrillion
Polybius Shoots in 4×4 a grid. When the weapon is thrown it will spawn a Tediore Land Crab that explodes when it comes into contact with an enemy. Random Drop
Flakker The weapon shoots a triangle of explosions that have increased splash radius. Random Drop
Redline In sticky mode, the weapon has a higher rate of fire. Charging increases rate of fire. Kill Road Dog
The Boring Gun The weapon fires three sawblades that explode. These travel with the ground. Defeat Lavender Crawley as part of the Crew Challenge.
The Lob The weapon can fire a sphere that can move through targets. Random Drop
Tiggs’ Boom The weapon fires explosive shots that can pierce through enemies. Killing an enemy will make a meteor fall. Defeat Wotan as part of Midnight’s Cairn mission.


Legendary SMGs

The following are all the legendary SMGs that you can find in the game:

Name Special Perks How To Get
9-Volt Burst-fire; shoots triangle of Shock projectiles Defeat Killavolt on Promethea in Lectra City.
Night Hawkin Switches between Fire/Cryo based on time of day Random Drop
Hellfire High elemental damage & fire rate; variable zoom level Defeat Jabbermogwai as part of the Crew Challenge.
Ripper Melee’d enemies take extra damage from bullets Random Drop
Sleeping Giant Chance on reloading to grant random weapon bonuses Random Drop
Vanquisher 20% slide speed increase; Fire Rate doubled while sliding Random Drop
Bitch High Fire Rate & Accuracy Random Drop
Crossroad 6-shot burst; 2 ammo per shot Random Drop
Handsome Jackhammer Throw gun instead of reloading; bounces, shooting continuously and creating Novas where it bounces Random Drop
Hyperfocus XZ41 Front shield reflects bullets back at attackers Random Drop
Bankrolled Predatory Lending Uses money instead of ammo; $1-3 per shot Defeat Lavender Crawley as part of the Crew Challenge.
Cloud Kill High Fire Rate; creates Corrosive cloud on impact that deals continuous damage Complete the mission Beneath the Meridian
Cutsman Projectiles stretch horizontally as they travel forward Random Drop
Destructo Spinner Fires two projectiles per shot, each with a different element type Random Drop
Devoted Fire Rate increases the longer you fire Random Drop
Tsunami Randomly fires additional Shock/Corrosive shots; bullets ricochet once Defeat Katigawa Ball on Promethea in Skywell-27.
Vault Hero VIP Legendary; switch between Shock/Corrosive at will VIP Insider Reward
Westergun High splash damage with each hit Defeat Private Beans in the mission Invasion of Privacy.
Long Musket ++ Flamethrower. Reloading throws the gun, which then becomes a remote turret with legs that can climb walls Random Drop
Smart Gun XXL Throwing weapon on reload spawns a Gigamind spider turret  Defeat Gigamind on Promethea in the Meridian.
Ten Gallon When thrown on reload, the gun follows you as a drone and fires at enemies on its own Random Drop

These are all the legendary weapons that you can get in Borderlands 3. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on how you can decipher Eridian writing.

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